Homefront developer might move to Montreal

Head of New York-based Kaos Studios says goal was always to involve Quebec location with its future projects, but final decision on how hasn't been made yet.


Kaos Studio's upcoming first-person shooter Homefront is about an American resistance force fighting back a Korean invasion, but the next chapter in the developer's story may be about leaving the country rather than protecting it. According to a Develop report, employees of New York City-based Kaos are concerned that THQ could relocate the operation to its new Montreal, Quebec, facilities, forcing them to move along with the job or find new work.

Will the makers of Homefront have to leave the country?
Will the makers of Homefront have to leave the country?

Kaos general manager David Votypka told the site he was well aware of employees' concerns in that regard, saying THQ is considering a number of possible scenarios. However, he said he didn't expect a decision to be made "for some time yet."

"With the opening of the THQ Montreal studio the goal has always been to find a way to utilize that studio in future Kaos projects," Votypka told Develop, adding, "Seeing as New York is not the most inexpensive location to develop games, utilizing Montreal one way or another is understandable."

THQ first announced the Montreal studio in December of 2009, with plans to increase its size to 400 people by 2015. Government incentives and a deep pool of talent have made the town a popular development destination for publishers, as THQ's facility joined major operations from Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Eidos, and Funcom in the city.

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