Homefront day-one sales hit 375,000

THQ responds to investor concern by announcing "robust" North American sales tally; online multiplayer server capacity increased.


Yesterday, the reviews came in for THQ's newest first-person shooter Homefront, and while the game's Metacritic average was technically positive, it wasn't positive enough to appease investors. Fearing the lukewarm critical response presaged a commercial failure, investors were bearish on THQ, resulting in a 21 percent crash in the publisher's stock price yesterday, slipping an additional 1.28 percent today to $4.63 a share.

All is not quiet on the Homefront.
All is not quiet on the Homefront.

After market close today, THQ moved to assuage investors' panic, making a rare announcement of first-day sales for Homefront. According to the publisher, Homefront sold approximately 375,000 units in North America within 24 hours of release. European and Asia Pacific sales figures were not included in the tally, as the game has not yet seen full release worldwide.

Calling this sales figure "robust," THQ also said that it would be increasing server capacity to accommodate demand for Homefront's multiplayer. As with a handful of other THQ titles, those who purchase new copies of Homefront gain full access to the game's online multiplayer component.

Secondhand users have access to every map and can spend as much time as they wish in Homefront's multiplayer modes. However, they won't be able to advance their characters any further than level five--out of a possible 75--unless they purchase an online pass for $10.

For more on Homefront, check out GameSpot's review.

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