Hollow Knight: Silksong Gets More Enemies In Brief Developer Update

Team Cherry wants Silksong's world to match or succeed its predecessor's.


Though Hollow Knight: Silksong is still a while away, developer Team Cherry has provided a brief update on the game's progress. The action-platformer continues to grow larger in scope than the studio's breakout hit, 2017's Hollow Knight.

Team Cherry confirmed Silksong's enemy count has increased from 150 to, as of right now, 165. As the team is "[still] building this (very large) game," it's safe to assume 165 isn't the final count for the number of opponents in Silksong. However, the studio did share artwork for the latest set of combatants, an unnamed boss trio that "works closely together [to cover] for each other’s weaknesses."

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The studio has refrained from saying too much about these enemies but assured that it isn't "just randomly building things without an end in [sight]." Team Cherry is mindful of how Silksong's story unfolds, with the intent to create "a vast, surprising new world" that matches or succeeds the original game's.

Team Cherry also shared two new songs from game composer Christopher Larkin, who returns to score Silksong after his work on Hollow Knight. The two tracks, "Bonebottom" and "Lace," will be part of the official Hollow Knight: Silksong soundtrack, which will launch at the same time as the game. You can listen to a sample of the soundtrack on Larkin's official Bandcamp page.

Hollow Knight: Silksong was revealed during E3 2019, where Team Cherry showed off some gameplay for the upcoming sequel. While a release date is still unknown, the game is in development for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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