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Hogwarts Legacy - How To Use Photo Mode

The long-awaited Photo Mode in Hogwarts Legacy allows you to fully capture your character.


One of the most highly-requested features from the community since the launch of Hogwarts Legacy has been a Photo Mode. The ability to capture unique images of characters, locations, or scenes is an invaluable part of the open-world experience in gaming. While many fans thought the idea of a Photo Mode in Hogwarts Legacy was dead, the recent summer update changed that.

The summer update introduced a flurry of content into the game, including the long-awaited Photo Mode. You can now take professional screenshots in-game and share them with the world, but you'll first have to understand how to access and use Photo Mode.

Accessing Photo Mode in Hogwarts Legacy

Before you can start taking pictures, there's one requirement you need to meet. Photo Mode is only available after you complete the main mission where you unlock the Field Guide. Once that mission is complete, which occurs within the first hour or so of Hogwarts Legacy, you can start using Photo Mode.

To do that, press "Esc" on keyboard or "Options/Start" on controller. This brings you to the main menu where you can select Gear, Settings, and other menus. However, you don't need to click on any single menu. Instead, look at the bottom-right corner of the screen and find the "Enter Photo Mode" text. Next to that text, there will be a button, which you need to click to enter Photo Mode. For me on keyboard, the default button was "K."

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Once you're in Photo Mode, you have several different options to tinker with. You can adjust the Tilt, Depth of Field, Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, and other image options. You also have the choice to select a specific season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), add a new filter, and even change the time of day. Changing the time doesn't change the time in-game, though; it only impacts Photo Mode.

Perhaps the most intriguing Photo Mode option is changing your character's pose. You can choose from several different poses, including Standing, Sitting, Taunting, etc. If you don't want your character in the image at all, you're also able to remove them entirely. There's also the ability to zoom in past your character using either your mouse and keyboard or controller joysticks.

When you're ready to take a picture, look at the bottom of the screen to find the "Toggle UI" option. Press the button next to Toggle UI to get rid of all the menus and text on the screen. Then, take your pictures(s), press the Toggle UI button, and then hold Esc/Options to return to the main menu of Hogwarts Legacy.

As time goes on, the developers might add new features to Photo Mode, but it's a solid addition already to Hogwarts Legacy. If you're looking to take part in more of the summer update content, check out our walkthrough of the new Minding Your Own Business quest or take a look at everything new in the update.

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