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Hogs of War could loosely be described as a 3D version of Worms, except with pigs. Two opposing hog armies fight it out on a 3D battlefield, using weapons, vehicles, and power-ups. Battle is broken up into turns, with each hog getting a turn in rotating order. During your turn you'll get a limited amount of time to move your hog and then fire his weapon. You'll repeat this method until all the opposing hogs have been eliminated, or until your final hog oinks his last.To destroy the enemy you'll take advantage of 40 different weapons. Your pigs will be armed with clutter grenades, flamethrowers, sniper rifles, bazookas, and other killing devices. You'll also be able to take command of various vehicles and other power-ups, such as tanks and missile turrets. Each of your hogs will be rated on a chain of command. All of your soldiers start as grunts, and after each successful mission they can be promoted to paratroopers, commandos, engineers, and more. Your hog's rank will determine what weapons he starts with and how accurate and quick he is.The single-player campaign lets you build an army of hogs and progress through the 25 different single-player missions. At the end of each mission you'll be allocated promotion points depending on how well you had performed. You'll be able to save your hog army and use it in the multiplayer mode, which lets you and friends load your hog armies and then battle it out on the field of your choosing.Hogs of War takes place in a completely 3D environment full of hills, mountains, rivers, and buildings. Using cover and obstructions to your advantage is critical to your success. In the early build we saw, the graphics were a bit blocky, and the animations were choppy, but Infogrames should have plenty of time to fix this before the game ships this summer.

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