Hitman's One-Try-or-You-Fail Assassination Mode Returns for 48 Hours

The Congressman will only be around until Sunday.

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Hitman's second-ever Elusive Target is now live, and you have just one attempt and 48 hours of real-world time to take out your mark.

This second Elusive Target takes place in Episode 2's Sapienza location. You'll be looking to assassinate Anthony L. Troutt, a US Congressman staying with Episode 2's usual target, Silvio Caruso. The briefing video above--which provides the only information about Troutt that you get--warns there will be increased security and at least one assistant who will always be near Troutt.

As with the first Elusive Target that went live earlier in May, you have one try to kill Troutt, and you can't rely on the minimap or Instinct mode to find him. If you should die or fail to eliminate him before the event ends on Sunday, May 29 at 5 AM PDT, you'll lose out on your one chance to ever finish this mission.

There's no specific reward for completing this Elusive Target, but there are in-game goodies to earn by successfully completing enough of these events. Finishing five of them gets you Agent 47's signature suit from Hitman: Absolution, while 10 nets you the suit from Blood Money. Beyond that, Square Enix plans to offer those suits with gloves as rewards.

Last time around, about half of players managed to kill their target--53 percent, to be exact. The first completion came just six minutes after its launch (which blows my mind as someone who took more than an hour), and the first Silent Assassin completion came after 34. Future Elusive Targets may not be quite as easy, Square Enix told us in a recent interview.

Episode 3 of Hitman is due out on May 31.

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