Hitman's First Elusive Target, Which You Only Have One Chance to Kill, Arrives Tomorrow

You won't get all the usual details about your target.


One of the major components of Hitman's "live content," Elusive Targets, will finally make its debut in the game tomorrow, May 13.

Elusive Targets are described by Square Enix as "a once-in-a-lifetime experience," which perhaps oversells things a tad, but it is accurate in that you only have a single attempt at completing them. They're available for only a short period of time--this first one will be around for 48 hours--and you'll have only a limited amount of information to help you track them down and kill a custom-created character.

To make the assassination more difficult, you can't use the mini-map or Instinct mode to identify the target. (Normally, you can bring up a real-time overlay that highlights the location of whomever you're out to kill.) Should you be killed or run out of time, you won't get a second chance--you've got only a single shot at success and can't save mid-mission.

While Square Enix is drawing attention to the launch of this first event, it says it won't be making quite as big of a deal out of future targets.

Once the event is live, there will be a short briefing video released that you'll need to scour for information about the target. This is all intended to be more challenging than the standard Hitman mission, but special rewards await those who manage to complete enough of them. The first reward comes after besting five of the events, and after ten you'll receive Agent 47's suit from Hitman: Blood Money (pictured below).

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Elusive Targets were originally supposed to be released closer to the launch of the first episode in March but were delayed until around the time of Episode 2 in April. That obviously didn't pan out, as it's taken until May for the first one to show up. There's no word on how frequently new ones will be released or when Episode 3 will be out.

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