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Hitman Will Have at Least Two More Seasons of DLC

IO Interactive hasn't detailed season two yet, but has confirmed season three of DLC.


Hitman is currently in its first season of post-launch content, but developer IO Interactive is planning to release two more seasons of worth of extra content for the game, according to a tweet from its official Twitter account.

Responding to a question about whether there were any plans for a second season, IO Interactive revealed its planning to have a season three.

Thus far, episodes in season one of Hitman have taken players to Paris, Sapienza, and Marrakesh. Episode 4 launches on August 16 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It takes Agent 47 to Bangkok, Thailand, where he'll need to take out a rock star named Jordan Cross and his family's lawyer, Ken Morgan. Much of the mission is set in a luxury hotel at the time of the mission.

"With Episode 4, we are extremely pleased to be able to deliver a new spin on a fan-favorite type of destination," IO previously said. "Hotels have been a staple across many a Hitman title. A huge amount of people in the community love learning everything there is to know about the intricacies of each hotel; and we thoroughly enjoy creating these wondrous assassination locations."

Hitman recently added a bonus summer episode that introduced new missions in existing locales. Episode 4 will be a return to a tamer Hitman experience, after giving players the opportunity to assassinate Gary Busey.

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