Hitman Promo Asks You to Kill Gary Busey or Gary Cole

Vote for who you want to kill in a future Hitman mission.


Hitman developer IO Interactive wants to know who you'd rather kill: Gary Busey or Gary Cole. Thankfully, it's just for a future Hitman mission, in which one of the two Garys will be available to assassinate. Whoever receives the most votes in the "Choose Your Hit" promotion will get the honor of being your target. You can see just how bad each Gary is in the video below.

The video features Busey and Cole telling you why they're so terrible. The reasons are (hopefully) fictional and include things like clipping toenails on public transportation, making funny faces at blind people, and walking old ladies into traffic.

The Choose Your Hit website has splash pages for both Busey and Cole that feature images and spots for upcoming videos based on why each candidate is the best and the worst. You can vote for whoever you think should win with the hashtags #KillBusey and #KillCole.

Hitman Episode One released on March 11 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It received a score of 7 in GameSpot's review, which said it's a veritable playground that will delight you with its open-ended design, comical NPCs, and contract creation tools.

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Why not add those activities as something they do in the game, and you could sabotage it somehow so they get killed while trying to do their evil shenanigans.

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Why not play as Gary Busey on the mission to kill Gary Cole?

Avatar image for skyhighgam3r

No Gary Coleman?

Avatar image for Yams1980

he died in 2010 so not likely.

Avatar image for Redblaze27

I'd rather want to PLAY Gary Busy, they got this all wrong.

Avatar image for derp215

I want Gary Oldman.

Avatar image for nabinator

This is the most hilarious thing I've seen in gaming for a while. Good job IO!

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Hillary, Sanders, Trump, or Cruz. Now that's some DLC I'd pay for. I vote Hillary.

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Got to go with Cole ... Busey's insanity is way too entertaining to be rid of.

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Tricky one .. Garey Busey is crazier than a public toilet rat like he was in Die Hard and Gary Cole was that horrible manager in Office Space ... let me ponder..

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@dfernand: Are you thinking of Busey in Lethal Weapon? He wasn't in Die Hard.

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I vote for Gary Motherf*cking Oak instead. Straight up class A douchebag that won't even give you the time to heal.

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Would like Cole to die, but that would mean Busey won't be in the game.

Kill Busey for me.

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Busey, expect a surprise visit tonight.

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It would be much easier (I think) to replicate Cole's mannerisms. So this is probably why I would go with him for a vote.

Then again if they can pull of Busey's mannerisms, then I may want to see that more.


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Gary Busey, of course. Gary Cole is awesome!

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It'll probably get delayed endlessly.

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Gotta go with Cole because "damn it feels good to be a ganststa".

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Agent 47, what's happening? Yeeeeeah, if you could just go and kill Gary Busey that would be greeeeeeeeat mmmmkay? Thaaaanks.

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busey all the way

Avatar image for System4Ever

I love Busey, the insane bastard, so yeah... Lets kill 'im!

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The main problem with the new Hitman series:

Absence of 47's gloves.

Where the F are his gloves?!

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I'd vote Cole i guess.....despite everything he's infamous for I kinda like Gary Busey......besides a man who says he kills baby seals with other baby seals deserves to go......lolz

I know the reasons are a joke but I can go with it.....not voting though cus 1 don't have the game and 2 if I buy it I'll wait for the complete edition before buying.....vid is real cheesy too.......

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I vote for Bingo Bob! If you close your left eye, squint really hard and tilt your head just so, this almost looks like a Hitman game.

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Well, that's... unexpectedly... cheesy...

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I wanna whack Busey

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I'd think this was kind of neat if the game were actually good... but as it stands it's just more money wasted on marketing that should have gone toward the development. :(

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@nl_skipper: Really? then you never fucking played it then. HITMAN plays very much like Blood Money did, with most of the additions that made Absolution interesting. It feels like a huge return to form for a Hitman game, and even with only one level out i had a lot of fun with it. That one level felt more like Blood Money than anything in Absolution did...

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@madcat_mikie: I have played it, calm down. Yea sure it plays a lot like Blood Money... if that game had one level that you were forced to play over and over again, and if you had to pay full price for the game before you even know what you're getting, or you can just buy this level for now, but pay extra for the game when it's fully released.

Blood Money would not be the historical success it is if it were released like this game, this game also has more bugs and glitches and little un-refinements than Blood Money. I agree the "core" game is better than Absolution, but I enjoyed Absolution a whole lot more because it actually had variety, and a story, and some depth and duration to it... this is just a paid demo as far as I'm concerned.

I can just go back and enjoy Hitman 2, Contracts and Blood Money again instead of paying to play one little fraction of what those games offered. Basically what I'm saying is the game isn't bad, but the value it offers is next no nothing right now imo.

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@nl_skipper: How the game is getting released has no merit on its quality. Being too impatient to wait for all the content to come out is your issue, yet i think it is funny that the game is "shitty" because some people can pay to have access to levels before the full game is out. Grow up.

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@madcat_mikie: Hear hear

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Bullets would bounce off Gary Busey's teeth.

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Why the 'Gary' hate?