Hitman Movie Delayed by Six Months

Fox pushes Agent 47's release to August 2015, reportedly due to filmmakers needing more time to complete special effects shots.

Homeland's Rupert Friend as Agent 47 in the upcoming movie. Image credit: Screenrant
Homeland's Rupert Friend as Agent 47 in the upcoming movie. Image credit: Screenrant

Fox International has delayed the release of upcoming Hitman movie, Agent 47. The Hollywood Reporter says the movie is now scheduled to premiere on August 28, 2015. Previously, it was pegged to hit theaters on February 27, 2015.

Image credit: Screenrant
Image credit: Screenrant

Sources said Agent 47's delay was due to producers needing more time to complete its "many special effects shots." The insiders went on to say that Agent 47 "grew in scope" over the course of production, thus needing more time to be finalized.

Agent 47 is based on Square Enix's popular game franchise, Hitman. Homeland star Rupert Friend plays Agent 47 himself (taking over for Timothy Olyphant from 2007's Hitman), while Star Trek's Zachary Quinto will play the lead villain in the movie, though details about his character are unknown.

Friend replaced actor Paul Walker for the lead role after the Fast and Furious movie star died in a car crash last year.

The plot for Agent 47 sees the assassin teaming up with a woman (Hannah Ware) to "help her find her father and uncover the mysteries of her ancestry," according to the report. Well-established commercials director Aleksander Bach is directing the movie.

The next major Hitman game is currently in development at IO Interactive, and is making "great progress," the developer said in May. IO Interactive chose not to bring the game to E3 this year because it did not want to "divert valuable resources." On the mobile front, another new Hitman game--focused on sniping--is in development and saw a limited release earlier in October.

Image credit: Screenrant.

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