Hitman has 360 in sights

Microsoft's next-gen console added to Agent 47's "to do" list; 360 version will ship same time as current-gen editions.


Hitman: Blood Money

Eidos today has announced that the upcoming Hitman: Blood Money is coming after a new console. Joining the PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox in fearing for their lives is the Xbox 360, making Blood Money the debut of the series on next-gen consoles. The Xbox 360 version is scheduled to ship alongside the current-gen versions sometime this spring.

In Hitman: Blood Money, gamers take on the identity of series antihero Agent 47, a professional assassin with a sketchy past. However, this time around 47 isn't doing his thing for others--his targets are from a rival agency. Players will track and locate other professional killers across a variety of environments in order to save their own skin.

The game is being developed by Io Interactive, the Danish developer that worked on the previous three Hitman games as well as on 2003's Freedom Fighters.

Hitman: Blood Money for the Xbox 360 is rated M for Mature and will likely retail for $59.99, the going price for third-party Xbox 360 games. For more information on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of the current-generation versions.

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