Hitman getting another shot at the big screen - Report

20th Century Fox hires writer of Kane and Lynch adaptation to handle Agent 47's second silver screen assignment, next game hinted at.


Despite being critically lambasted, the 2007 big-screen gaming adaptation Hitman racked up roughly $100 million in worldwide ticket sales, according to Box Office Mojo. That kind of payday could pull almost any assassin out of retirement, and Agent 47 is apparently no exception.

If only looks could kill...
If only looks could kill...

Film site IESB.net reports this week that 20th Century Fox has hired Kyle Ward to write a script for a Hitman sequel. Ward's resume is slim, with his most notable works being the screenplay for this year's Fiasco Heights (also about an assassin) and the script for Kane & Lynch, an adaptation of Eidos' 2007 shooter about a pair of mercenaries. Three of the producers from the original Hitman--Adrian Askarieh, Daniel Alter, and Chuck Gordon--will return for the sequel.

There was no mention as to whether Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood, Live Free or Die Hard) will return as Agent 47, or if Xavier Gens (Frontier(s)) would once again direct. However, the IESB article did offer a potential peek into the future plans of the Hitman game series.

"We are told to expect Hitman 5 by the end of 2010 and that it will take Agent 47 in a whole new direction," said the report. IESB did not say where it obtained its information.

The last Hitman game--Hitman: Blood Money--was released in 2006 for the Xbox 360, Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PC. Eidos has referenced development of a new Hitman game as far back as September of 2007, but has yet to provide a release window for the title.

In April, Eidos was acquired by Square Enix. While the Japanese role-playing game publisher listed Hitman as one of the world's leading game franchises when it originally announced its bid to purchase Eidos, it has not talked specifically about the next installment in the series since the acquisition closed.

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hitman 5 would be sooo awesome they should please pay details to the guns and make more interactive environments also driving or flying vehicles wont be a bad idea to. finally when using guns that incorporate the magnum bullet then they should please make the enemies go flying when shot it is soooo fun and realistic to watch.

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Vin Diesel should've been in the first one, I hope he is in the second one.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Get too many friends, then kill them all XD

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Yaa, would be cool more interactions... But that doesn't mean they cold make him more sociable :D

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I can sense that taking Hitman in a whole new direction will indeed destroy the essence of the game. One thing I do hope they do is get rid of the ragdoll.....god it looks sooo dated, when you shoot someone and the they do 3 somersaults in the air... it'd be nice if there was more intereaction with people too, but we need to keep Hiitmans cold demeanour...:D

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It would be nice, if they could, incorporate a modificated ACII engine gameplay to new Hitman.... It would be so off :D And if 47' could talk to people, or do something, to wait for his target... Not like in previous games, he stands....and stands... And wait for our target to arrive. It sould have like... some sort of an activity or ocupation!

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I really hope they make a hitman game where you can just create your own hitman. his style and everything.

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that hit man movie was ok but could've been better if it stuck to the game background. Hope they do better this time

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Im a fanboy and i dont know why others are complainging about the movie. i thought it was perfect. And i highly recommend reading the book Hitman: Enemy Within. its soooo good. but yeah im worried about the 'whole new direction' thing. but i just cant w8 for both the game and the movie!!!!

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HITMAN (is) a great film and great games also i think this game (HITMAN 5) will be a bomb of the Action games

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Man.. just get luc besson to direct it, then its gotta be a success. Man the 1st movie was a joke, was funny in parts though i.e. the russian guy saying "its a trap" admiral ackbar anyone?

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it worrys me that thay say a "whole new direction" when talking about Hitman 5.....I hope thay dont f*** it up

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Hitman was successful on Film. I liked it and so the video games. A perfect game that a one man kills 47 men by stealth using Fibre wire. But using the same device from Batman attached to Hitman 5 - It could kill the other previous Hitman games, surely.

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just make the game is going to make more money besides all hitman games are worth buying

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Whahaha to JackfnBurton. Not everything you read on the internet is true. There are also damn lies on the internet. Just like Microwin said put al the damn money in a new Hitman game instead a movie!!

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oh lord, please NO!! put the money towards a new Hitman game not a damn movie! it'll just dissapoint!

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Now we hear from Hitman 5

Avatar image for JackfnBurton

I have never played the game or seen the movie but obviously there is a money grubbing conspiracy behind this because there is a money grubbing conspiracy behind everything. If you don't believe me then read the sentence right before this one. I know it is true, because it is on the Internets.

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good that movie almost made me cry cuz it stank so badly and i wanted it to be soo goood....i love the game its awesome!! i want the next one to be soo good game of the year nomination might come round

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a whole new direction? Anyone care to speculate?

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YES!!!!I agree with others on this board that said Hitman as a fun movie,that's a good word to use because you don't really look for substance in something like this,although it would be nice.A fun movie is a good movie imo,not to mention that there's the connection to my inner gamer:)

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Well, I finally gave the film a rent last night and actually, I thought it was waaaay better than I thought it was going to be... I mean, it's no golden globe candidate, but it's certainly a very good film and helps break the "poor film of a game" mould. Looking forward to seeing a sequel now.

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hitman was a fun movie, and the chick got naked...how can anyone complain?

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I rather liked the hitman movie. nothing too deep, but better than I expected. It does have an above average rating on imdb.

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I'm almost betting Hitman 5 will have a multiplayer component. The movie sequel is going to be an epic fail we need another Mortal Kombat movie or Resident Evil...

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@drumbreak1 My thoughts exactly. "New direction" makes me nervous too cuz the Hitman series is one of a kind. I mean I love Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid as stealth games but no other game satisfies my hunger for assassinating someone using disguises, environmental accidents, baits and whatnot.

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The first Hitman film was good. As long as the original actor returns, the sequel should have a chance.

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Hitman movie was good as a movie but as an adaption of Hitman Franchise, It didn't make a mark........... Hitman is a stealth franchise whereas movie didn't knew what stealth is................ I think next Hitman game will also feature action & will change as Splinter Cell & MGS (Stealth Franchises) have changed..........

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you can't really trust critics with these types of movies. They are all about the dramas. I though that the first one was good and I hope all the main hitters will return.

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I thought the movie was great and Olyphant was perfect in it (the movie looks great in HD), hope he does the second if it's made.

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Yeah, I second that, Khasinau.

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I honestly was surprised that I liked Olyphant as 47. I just viewed it as looking at a younger 47, since clearly the game character is at least in his 40's and is muscled out like a seasoned steroid user, though not quite to the extent of Chris Redfield in RE5!

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As long as there is no silly DRM system (like limited installs or Steam-only), I'll be the first in line to buy HItman 5. It's a great series.

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Yea, i do agree, olyphant is good for agent47, Hitman was always great, and this time'll be great too

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Olyphant was a good choice for the movie he should do the next one

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I love the Hitman series and I loved the movie. I hope Olyphant will reprise his role as 47. And yeah, Hitman 5 needs to come out. The Hitman series is one of the best of video games.

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a whole new direction? blood money was amazing. If we can just get that kind of deal with some updated graphics handful of new gadgets and guns and the same length im completely cool with that. new direction makes me nervous

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Just another Hitman game would be nice.

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they need a different person to play 47

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Yeah, Blood Money was my Favourite too.

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If it like Blood Money, then I'm in :P.

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Tom Rothman has signed his death warrant.

Avatar image for thenephariouson

Im a big Hitman fan, love the games and cant wait for the 5th installment, the film however, well thats a different story.

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The hitman series is hard,but fun to play,i hope they make this installement one that we will remember for a while.

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I just want to hear more about a new hitman game

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Despite the lack of stealth, I personally loved the first Hitman film. So glad they went with Olyphant instead of Diesel too (with his stature/skin tone/and even facial look being more like that of actual 47 in the games. And his acting was pretty good too). Definitely excited to hear it looks like another Hitman movie is in the works.

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We really don't care about the movie, we really DO care about the next game !!!

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@waianug i agree with you there was almost no stealth in the first hitman movie i hope the directors learn form their mistakes and stick to what hitman is really all about still i cant wait for this one because the last one was a reall good action movie remember the 4 way katana fight that was epic:)

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