Hitman for Xbox One/PS4/PC Day One Content Will Be Announced Soon

Plus, IO Interactive teases that it will support the game for 3-4 years into the future.


The new Hitman game due out later this year for console and PC is taking a different approach to how it's released, in that its content will launch episodically over time. But what will be available on day one?

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Executive producer Hannes Seifert filled us in today at Gamescom.

It's important that people know what they're getting for their $60, and IO Interactive hopes to clear everything up potentially as early as later this month.

"We will be extremely precise with that within a few weeks after Gamescom," he said about the day one content. "We know that our players need to understand what they'll get for their money."

Seifert went on to reiterate that the new Hitman has no microtransactions whatsoever. "There's no option in the game to spend any money--and that's very dear to us," he explained.

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The developer also explained that IO Interactive sees the new Hitman as more of a platform than a single game, not unlike the approach Harmonix is taking with Rock Band 4. With that in mind, Seifert said that, provided things go well, players can expect new content for the next 3-4 years.

"We'll see how that turns out. But we have a vision at least 3-4 years ahead of us," he explained. "And that's where we're going to see how it really works out."

Finally, Seifert recalled the origins of the new Hitman, saying the game's new episodic model was partially inspired by the online-focused Contracts mode in 2012's Hitman: Absolution. He said the team at IO Interactive thought it wouldn't find a big audience, but it turned out to be "unbelievably, surprisingly successful," Seifert said, noting that almost 40 percent of all Absolution players tried it.

In Contracts mode, players could create limited-time assassination contract missions and then share them with others. The same will be true for the new Hitman, where some assassination targets will be available for a limited time only. Once they are gone, they won't come back.

The new Hitman is due out later this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC across digital channels. A physical release will follow in 2016. In other Hitman news, this month's movie, Hitman: Agent 47, got a new, blood-soaked trailer today.

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