Hitman 3 Will Offer Free Next-Gen Upgrades, But Only For Digital Copies

While it's still unclear if Hitman 3 will even get a physical release, all of its digital versions include free upgrades for next-gen consoles.


Hitman III is set to launch on January 20, supporting both current and next-generation consoles. But unlike the confusing upgrade situation other games have found themselves in, Hitman III is keeping things simple. That is, if you purchase its digital edition.

Hitman III will offer free next-gen upgrades for both PS5 and Xbox Series X. Players who purchase the PS4 digital edition will be able to redeem the PS5 version for free when they upgrade their console. On Xbox, Hitman III supports Smart Delivery, which means you'll get the best version of the game for the console you're playing it on. Presumably this means the upgrade extends to physical copies of Hitman III for Xbox, but developer IO Interactive doesn't make clear if a physical version will be released.

Along with free next-gen upgrades, Hitman 3 will also feature two editions for pre-order. The first is as standard as you're going to get, with only a Trinity Pack DLC bonus for those who pre-order. The Deluxe edition features additional in-game items, including the same Trinity Pack, downloadable soundtrack, additional outfits, and more. You can check out both DLC packs below.

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Hitman 3's approach to next-gen upgrades is refreshing given how confusing it has become in recent weeks. Remedy Entertainment's Control won't be getting any free next-gen upgrades unless you purchase its new, all-inclusive Ultimate Edition, while Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has an incredibly confusing number of permutations relating to which versions of the game are eligible to purchase an upgrade. It's all a bit messy.

Hitman 3 will be the first entry in the series to include VR support too, initially exclusive to PlayStation VR. It will also be compatible with missions from the previous two games for those who own them. Hitman III will launch on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X, PS5, and the Epic Games Store.

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