Hitman 3 Speedrunners Are Beating Dubai Level In Under 10 Seconds

You may think you're pretty good at Hitman 3, but can you finish the Dubai opening level in eight seconds?


Hitman 3 speedrunners are currently posting record completion times of IO Interactive's latest assassination sandbox, with some players now able to complete the opening Dubai level in under ten seconds. The first level of Hitman 3 tasks players with eliminating two targets inside of a heavily-fortified skyscraper, with one of the potential victims routinely wandering around the upper floors and constantly flanked by security.

According to Speedrun.com, a website that tracks how quickly players can complete games, user Goron currently holds first place with a world record of eight seconds, followed closely by four other players who share second place with a nine-second run. The strategy for completing the mission 'On Top Of The World' is simple but requires pinpoint accuracy to pull off.

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In the video provided in the link above, Goron attracts the attention of Marcus Stuyvesant on one of the upper floors with a well-placed shot from Agent 47's silenced pistol, instantly executes him with a headshot, and quickly eliminates his second target, Carl Ingram, within less than a second. With the starting point of the Dubai level also being a convenient exit point, Goron was able to pull off the impressive feat with time to spare.

This particular method does result in 47 being spotted by nearby NPCs, leading to a less than impressive two-star rating for the level. Hitman speedrunners will likely be attempting to see who can achieve the fastest Silent Assassin completion of the game and its various levels, a far more challenging scenario that involves only assassinating marked targets so that the highest mission rating can be earned.

One gamer by the name of El GuLe has already pulled off a 17-second Silent Assassin run, using a silenced sniper rifle to draw targets to areas where a killshot is possible. One headshot and a fatal bullet to the wrist later, and El Gule has set an astonishing record that other players will be looking to break.

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