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Hitman 3 "Season Of Lust" DLC Roadmap Revealed

You can claim rewards with a new Escalation, a new permanent event, featured contracts, and more.


Hitman 3's Lust DLC launches today alongside a new free update for all players, and developer IO Interactive has outlined the upcoming season of content that will come out over the next month. The event starts with a free trial of the Marrakesh mission, and then includes an array of Elusive Targets and featured contracts.

According to the patch notes, the Lust Assassination Escalation contract has you collecting intel to find a randomly assigned "secret admirer" from a bunch of Pretenders. The Lust Assassination Escalation contract works differently than normal Escalations, in that it has only one stage. You'll initially collect intel on your secret admirer from a series of safes, which you can open with explosives or by finding keys. That intel and your observation skills are then used to find your target from a bunch of Pretenders located on the dance floor. Your target will be different each time you play the Escalation, ensuring you still need to secure the intel. Finishing the contract will get you a snakeskin Scarlet Suit, a remote detonated Serpent's Bite explosive, and a Serpent's Tongue dart crossbow.

A new Dartmoor Garden Show permanent event will be added on August 5. The garden show Escalation mission will reward you with a Summer Sightseeing Suit. You can also unlock a Deterministic Mode that will let you replay an Escalation by choosing your own starting location and other variables, and a Contracts mode to create your own contracts at Dartmoor.

Other events as part of the season of content include the free Marrakesh rotation, Heartbreaker and Entertainer elusive targets, and featured contracts from Shacknews and the fan community. You can also unlock the ICA 19 Goldballer by finishing the new Untouchable challenge.

The 3.50 patch is approximately 3-4GB across all platforms, and it's available to download now. Stadia and Switch owners will not need to download the patch, since the game is streaming on those platforms. Check out the full schedule of content from below.

HITMAN 3 – Season of Lust (July 27 – August 30)

  • July 27 - August 8: Play Markesh for free
  • July 30 - August 9: The Heartbreaker (HITMAN 3 Elusive Target)
  • August 5: The Dartmoor Garden Show (Permanent Event)
  • August 12: Featured Contracts from Shacknews
  • August 12 - August 22: Play A House Built On Sand free
  • August 20 - August 30: The Entertainer (Elusive Target)
  • August 26: Featured Contracts from the Hitman Community

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