Hitman 3 Patch Notes: New "Tactical Turtleneck" Is Out Now Alongside Big Changes And Bug Fixes

The first major patch for Hitman 3 is out now on all platforms, and it's a big one.


IO Interactive has announced the first major patch for Hitman 3 is out today and, in addition to bug fixes and other improvements, it adds a new outfit for Agent 47. All of these details were announced on the Hitman website and we've rounded up the key points below.

New Content:

You can now unlock the "tactical turtleneck," which IO said is something fans have been clamoring for. To get it, you'll need to complete The Final Test in the ICA Facility. Once you do that, it'll be added to your inventory and can wear it for any mission that allows it.

The Tactical Turtleneck in all its glory
The Tactical Turtleneck in all its glory

The February 23 Hitman update also introduces new content for people who own the Deluxe Edition or the Deluxe Pack. This includes a new Deluxe Escalation mission, which is the fifth of six planned Escalations. The final one is expected to release in March 2021.

The Proloff Parable Deluxe Escalation challenges players to become "The White Shadow" and wield a custom Sieger 300 and a white katana to take down their foes in the Carpathian mountains.

The White Shadow
The White Shadow

The Gauchito Antiquity Deluxe Escalation is also added in the update, and it takes place in Mendoza. Players are given new items including Emetic grenades and an Emetic pen syringe to use.

A scene from the Gauchito Antiquity Deluxe Escalation
A scene from the Gauchito Antiquity Deluxe Escalation

In terms of general updates, IO said it has fixed a number of issues, one of which prevented players from accessing their deluxe content. IO has also made a number of under-the-hood changes to improve connectivity and stability, while a new audio cue will now play when you're trespassing in a hostile area. You can see a full rundown of the changes, along with commentary from the developer, below.

General Updates

Deluxe Content

  • We've fixed an issue that could prevent some players from being able to access their Deluxe Edition content (digital book and soundtracks) via IOI Account. After installing this patch, players should first launch HITMAN 3 and then check the ‘Rewards’ section of their IOI Account profile. It may take up to 15 minutes for the downloads to appear after playing Hitman 3.


  • We’ve made several tweaks on the back-end since launch and this first major patch allows us to do more. We’ve made several technical improvements and tweaks that will result in a smoother and more stable experience for all players. This will also improve the experience for players who were receiving errors when trying to exit a mission.


  • We’ve resolved multiple, wide-ranging issues that were causing the game to crash for various reasons. Players on all platforms will benefit from these improvements.


  • We’ve resolved an issue that could prevent the “Reach Mastery Level 20” achievements/trophies from triggering, despite players reaching that milestone. In some cases, this issue could also prevent PlayStation players from earning the Platinum trophy. Players that have been affected should unlock the relevant trophies/achievements when they launch the game after installing the 3.11 patch.

Trespassing Agility

  • We’ve updated the HUD rules to accurately display when Agent 47 is trespassing whilst performing agility moves (climbing, vaulting, etc). In the past, the HUD would show that all pipes and ledges were ‘non-trespassing’ even when that wasn’t the case. In truth, 47 was trespassing, but the HUD didn’t reflect that.
  • This change will mean that the HUD will display accurately when you are trespassing. This may cause for some inconsistencies (such as only half of a drain pipe being a trespass zone), but the information you see will now be accurate according to the mission setups. We’re monitoring any further issues that might come up on this.

Hostile Trespass

  • We’ve added a new audio effect for when players begin trespassing in a hostile area.

Other Changes

IO is also delivering changes to the HUD for Silent Assassin mode. The new HUD will display whether or not the Silent Assassin rating is available on your playthrough. Additionally, a third state has been added--when the rating is possible but you need to erase recordings before leaving a level. And finally, the red Silent Assassin indicator now has a red outline instead of a solid red color, which IO says should help colorblind people.

Timing And File Size

The new Hitman 3 update brings the game up to version 3.11 across all platforms. The update is rolling out now, and it should be between 2-3 GB on all platforms. For people playing the cloud version on Stadia and Nintendo Switch, no download is required.

This is just a small sampling of the bug fixes, changes, and improvements. Head to IO's website to see a complete rundown of the updates, which include changes to various locations, improvements to UI, updates for PlayStation VR, changes to in-game challenges, tweaks for the Sniper Assassin mode, and a number of platform-specific changes. The website also displays a series of known issues. You can see it all on the Hitman website.

IO has lots more planned for Hitman 3 in the future, and IO said it will reveal its roadmap for March "early" next month, so keep checking back for that.

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