Hitman 3 Mission Walkthrough: Dartmoor (Death In The Family)

A murder mystery surrounds the Carlisle manor in the second mission of Hitman 3. Figure out how to solve the case and other Mission Stories.


Dartmoor, Death In The Family, is one of the more interesting Hitman levels because it involves solving a murder mystery. Your target, Alexa Carlisle, has faked her death, so a fake funeral is being arranged at the family manor, but another family member was found dead in his room the night before. The real death was made to look like a suicide, but Alexa suspects foul play. Solving this mystery is fascinating and part of the mission's challenges, but it also lets you take care of your real objectives--including locating the case file--in the process.

One of the Mission Stories leads you through the whole investigation but doesn't spell everything out for you. In addition, our guide will look at the other Mission Stories to help you in case you need pointers or get stuck. For more on the game, be sure to check out our Hitman 3 guide hub for walkthroughs on every mission and tips on how to complete special assassination challenges.

Means, Motive, And Opportunity

This one covers the murder mystery and it's the best one to start with for first-time playthroughs of this mission. The investigator will start at the gates near you, and you'll need to take his place to uncover the mystery yourself. Tail him by taking the side path on the right through tall grass up until you reach the manor. Stay out of guards' sights by continuing to stick to the right of the investigator's path and hop through an open window at the front right of the manor. You'll be in a hallway right of the main foyer. The investigator will eventually walk through here alone, and this is your best opportunity to knock him out and steal his disguise. You can hide his body in a nearby closet in this hallway.

Now report to the butler and Alexa in the foyer. Follow the butler throughout the tour of the mansion. You'll eventually get to Zachary Carlisle's room and you'll have to scan several objects and use his laptop at a desk nearby to find all the clues here. Afterward, you're free to question each of the family members to check their alibis and investigate their rooms to find evidence and motive of the real killer.

The next few things you need to do are pretty simple. You can find Emma and Gregory in the Sitting Room on the manor's first floor. You can find Rebecca in the trophy room, Patrick in the Library, and Edward in the dining hall to the right of the manor map. They'll all give their alibis, which will be logged in your Intel tab. Make sure to verify each one with the people each suspect mentions. Next, as you go to each of these rooms, be sure to scan objects with your camera--they're marked with a camera icon on your map. That'll let you compare handwriting to the suicide note you found in Zachary's room.

Now, there are a few specific rooms you'll need to scrub for evidence in order to get the full picture. On the first floor at the lower right of the manor map, break into the butler's room and collect the necessary data: a bottle of pills by the window and the diary in the fireplace. Then go upstairs to check Emma and Gregory's room--it's locked, so you'll have to go through an open window to the right of the room's entrance door. In here, you'll find more clues, one piece of which can be difficult to find--it's on the floor next to some luggage near the fireplace.

Take the bulldog cane you find in Emma and Gregory's room, which can open two secret rooms in the mansion. There's a clue hidden in one on the library's second floor.

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Be sure to stop by Rebecca's room on this floor to the lower right of the manor. Her door is locked but you can jump out of a nearby window and shimmy across to get inside the room, similar to the previous room. Scan and look for data here. Now head to the Greenhouse all the way at the top of the map, outside of the manor.

The last bits of information are here, and one of the easy ways to get in the Greenhouse would be to pick up the crowbar laying on one of the boxes next to the gardeners near the Greenhouse. Avoid the guard that's patrolling the vicinity when breaking open the door to be safe, then gather the evidence inside such as the poison-making contraption and the data sheet about the poison used.

At this point, you have enough evidence to accurately accuse the true perpetrator, or if you want, you can frame the Butler Fernsby, since you snatched the pills from his office. You can also claim that Zachary committed suicide. Each of these solutions completes a challenge for the mission. Either way, report back to Butler Fernsby and he'll walk you up to Alexa's room. Now you can speak with her directly and present the case in full. Ask for the case file as your reward and she'll open the safe that contains it.

That's only one of your two objectives, though. From here, the easiest way to assassinate Alexa is to wait for her to step outside to her balcony, and when she's overlooking the horizon (and when guards are looking away), toss her over the rails and walk away scot-free.

You can also use your solution to the case as a means of opening Alexa up to murder. If you put the blame on the person who is not the murderer, you'll leave the culprit free to continue to pursue their lethal agenda. Make sure you repair the poison-making equipment in the greenhouse with a wrench, then go about your business.

A Day To Remember

This Mission Story is easiest when you start as a gardener at the garden entry point. To complete this one, you'll need to eavesdrop on the photographer near the fountain in the garden, then find a way to subdue him to take his disguise. After checking his camera and talking to the maid, he'll walk over to a fuse box where a guard is standing, but you can snatch him up in the middle of that route when no one's looking. Take his clothes and hide the body in the nearby box.

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Now go to the outskirts of the greenhouse and pick up a crowbar near the two gardeners there, then head over to the fuse box near the manor, which should be marked on your UI. Bust open that fuse box, take the fuse, then install it into the fuse box that the photographer was having trouble with near the fountain. Return to the camera setup at the fountain, take a test shot with the maid, and then the whole Carlisle family will be called down for the family photo.

It'll take a few moments, but everyone will show up so you can take the family photo if you want. By this point, the Mission Story is done. It simply gives you an opportunity to lure Alexa outside of the manor so you can assassinate her whichever way you see fit.

Her Final Resting Place

This next Mission Story is one of the most efficient ways to assassinate Alexa discreetly. To make things easy, you can start at the garden again since you need to make your way outside to the graveyard out to the far left of the mission map. Near the graveyard entrance, you'll overhear a conversation about how the groundskeepers can't get rid of the crows hounding the vicinity.

You'll have to get rid of the crows flying over the graveyard--the easiest way to do this is to go to right where the crows are circling around near the trees, hide in tall grass, and pick off the nests stuck in these trees using your silenced pistol. It gives you easy cover and makes no noise. The crows will disperse.

That problem is solved and now the maid and undertaker can proceed with the "funeral" arrangements for Alexa. Keep a watchful eye on the undertaker as you'll need to knock him out and take his disguise. Conveniently, the maid and groundskeepers or guards will turn away, giving you an opportunity--there's also a box nearby to stash the body. Now you can call Alexa down to check things out.

It'll take a moment, but once she comes through, she'll berate you for the decor but will eventually go over to the grave itself. Keep a close eye on her and her guard. There will be a moment when the guard turns away to overlook the land while Alexa stands over the grave. At this point, just push her into it to get the kill, then pick up the shovel nearby to throw dirt over the body so no one can find it.

Additional Mission Notes - The Case File

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While the Mission Story titled "Means, Motive, And Opportunity" leads you directly to the case file objective, the other two will not. However, there are other ways to get your hands on this elusive document.

One way would be to collect two halves of a secret token that grants you access to the case file off-site. There's a note in the locker room on the third floor of the manor, opposite Alexa's office. It tells you that two people hold the halves of the token: the butler Mr. Fernsby and Rebecca Carlisle. You'll need to find a way to knock them out to snatch the half tokens. Also, you're not required to see the locker room note prior to taking their tokens. That's all you'd need since the narrative says it gives Agent 47 access to the information he needs outside the mission.

Another way is to get into Alexa's office on your own. If you can get a high-level security outfit, it would help big time. First, get the Master Key from the butler's office (located at the lower right of the first floor). Then go up to the third floor. You can avoid the main guard watching Alexa's door when he talks to the patrolling maid for a brief moment. Once you're inside, hit the button on her chair to reveal a safe. Four icons sit above the safe, which give you clues on how to find the code. To do it honestly, you'd have to find these objects around Alexa's office and a number right next to them. If you just want to know, the code is 1975.

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