Hitman 3 Mission Walkthrough: Chongqing (End Of An Era)

Rain-soaked, neon-lit Chongqing makes Hitman 3's fourth mission a treat, and Mission Stories give creative ways to eliminate targets Imogen Royce and Hush.


Some big things are about to happen in Chongqing for the fourth mission in Hitman 3. The pouring rain, bright neon lights, and high-tech human experimentation going on really give this one a heavy cyberpunk vibe. You have two targets: Imogen Royce and Hush. Both can be assassinated in fascinating ways where you turn their impressive tech against them, which you can do through the Mission Stories.

As per usual, one Mission Story lets you take care of both your objectives in one fell swoop, while the other two are conceptually satisfying. Mission Stories will lead you to opportunities, but often leave you to figure the rest out; we'll guide you through both if you're having trouble with that. For more on the game, be sure to check out our Hitman 3 guide hub for walkthroughs on every mission and tips on how to complete special assassination challenges.

Impulse Control

This Mission Story is to hit the target named Hush, who runs human experiments and uses homeless people to do so. The first step is to eavesdrop on a group of homeless people marked on your UI. Grab the crowbar near them, as this will come in handy later. One of them will begin walking off on his own, and you should follow him to find an opportunity to knock him out and steal his outfit. People will show up sporadically along the path so be careful. He also drops a flyer for the Future Progress Initiative, which gives you a location hint for where Hush is posted up.

On the wall of the neon-lit internet cafe, someone tagged "The Block" with a cube and Chinese characters that match the flyer. Follow the path it's pointing to and you'll find the complex easily. Make sure you don't have illegal items on you as you'll get frisked. Follow the guard, who will lead you to the experiment signup process. Wait in the room and get called up. Turns out they don't need more test subjects, but now you know the experiments are happening on the top floor.

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There's a locked door in the hallway from which you came; use the crowbar to bust it open. You'll be trespassing at this point, but you can ascend two floors. You'll come across two guards in blue jumpsuits; when one turns the other way to walk, knock out the one left open and take his outfit and hide the body in a box nearby. You can walk freely to find another staircase to finally get to Hush's floor.

Once you're in his lab, head to the right where a nervous test subject is being held. Knock them out, take their outfit, and hide the body in the closet in the room. Now, you'll be able to pose as the test subject. Follow the lab assistant to the test chair, take a seat, and prepare for some weird mind control-type stuff that happens between you and Hush. You'll have to press Y or triangle to break his will in these tests. He'll take a break afterward and go for a walk, but he'll return.

The Mission Story is done at this point, but you still have an opportunity to actually kill Hush using his own mind games. When Hush and his guard leave, knock out the lab assistant who kept arguing against pushing the experiment. Hide her body and wait for Hush to return. The testing will continue and push Hush beyond his limits. Call an ambulance, but not for Agent 47!

Certainty Principle

Head to the restaurant marked on your UI and eavesdrop on the conversation happening there. A man named Pritchard is there to tour the secret facility run by Imogen Royce. He left his P41 form, which is some sort of authorization, at his apartment, so head over the apartment complex marked on your UI. Pritchard's door is locked, though. Get to the roof of the complex and find a broken piece of the wall to scale down a pipe and enter through a window. Search his room for the P41 under the bed.

The next step requires you to disguise yourself as Pritchard, but he stays in the restaurant. Go back to the restaurant and go to the bathroom left of the entrance. Look out for rat poison in the bathroom then jump out of the window there. Shimmy to the left of the building to enter the kitchen, knock out the chef closest to you when the other one isn't looking, take his outfit and hide the body in a box nearby.

There's a bowl in the kitchen where you can prepare Pritchard's food--do that, then drop the rat poison in it. Ring the order-ready bell next to the dish and let it be served. Leave the kitchen and watch Pritchard rush to the bathroom, knock him out there, take his outfit, then drop his body in the laundry hamper.

Head back through the kitchen to meet your contact behind the restaurant and present your P41 form. It'll be a slow walk to the secret facility, but be patient. Also, before you head in, drop all illegal items as there is a frisk coming up. Continue following her tour, but be ready to think fast.

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At a certain point, your identity will be under scrutiny--what you need to do is hack a computer in the room ahead of you once this sequence of events gets triggered. Approach the laptop at the corner of this lab, use your camera to hack-scan the window in front of the laptop, then use the laptop, and all will be fine.

Eventually, you'll link up with Imogen Royce. Follow her to where she leads. You'll end up in her office, where she explains her behavior analysis tech, but pay close attention to how she describes it. She says that she can predict the behaviors of employees when they get fired, and that she has the power to fire them literally immediately. She leaves the room, and now you have free access to her system.

Imogen will then walk around the facility and back to the Core Engineering area you walked through before, and the area that gets a manual biological cleansing. You've completed the Mission Story at this point, but this is a prime opportunity to eliminate Imogen in style.

First, fire Jeremy Bolt. He'll be distracted since he'll call his mom about it right when it happens. Then fire Alicia Reynolds who will manually disable the safety protocols for the Core Engineering area, only after walking past a distracted Jeremy Bolt. Wait to see Imogen to show up in the Core Engineering camera feed, then fire Sharon Reed, who will initiate the cleaning process, subsequently burning Imogen to death. Congratulations Imogen, you played yourself.

All-Seeing Eyes

This one is the most straight-forward Mission Story of the bunch and lets you kill two targets in one effort. You have to find your way to the rooftop of the laundry building marked on your map. You can get past the door inside the laundromat by keypad code or lockpicking--you can distract patrons by disabling the fuse box here as well. You can also climb a ladder surrounded by fences outside to cross a big neon sign that connects to that same building.

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Either way, you need to work your way up to the top. On your way there, knock out the guard overlooking the city who has a sniper rifle next to him. Take his outfit, hide the body, and take the sniper rifle and extra ammo. At the very top, examine a destroyed drone. Now, use your sniper rifle to destroy a total of five drones flying across the city. They all have patterns in front of the sniper's perch on this rooftop. They're a bit hard to see, but look for fast-moving floating balls with red lights on them.

Once you take out two, you'll hear radio chatter between Imogen and Hush, then take out the other three. Two guards will then investigate the rooftop, one of which can see through your disguise. Stay out of sight and when they leave, pick off two additional drones that get deployed. At this point, Imogen and Hush will meet at the Lotus Path, which is a walkway near the big neon blue lotus sign, which you have a clear view of from the same sniper's perch. Once they're together arguing, take your shot(s).

Additional Mission Notes: Hacking The Data Core

"Hack Data Core" is only a primary objective the first time you play the mission. You can only complete this objective once both Hush and Imogen are dead. You should also plan for easy access to the Core Engineering area at the secret facility, as you'll see in the "Certainty Principle" Mission Story.

Regardless of how you access the data core, you'll need to be alone in that room. After a cutscene, the facility will be on high alert. You can escape by following a series of ventilation shafts connecting to different parts of the facility. You'll still have to avoid or fight guards in the process, but you'll be able to leave back the way you came into the facility. Crowds will surround the entrance with a few hostile NPCs around, so be careful when making your exit.

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