Hitman 3 Mission Walkthrough: Berlin (Apex Predator)

A first-time run through Hitman 3's third mission can be difficult, but we have some tips to help you find and hit your targets.


Things take a turn in Hitman 3 once you get to the third mission in Berlin called Apex Predator. You don't have a proper handler here, and there are no Mission Stories to help you seek out your targets and objectives. This is a full-on sandbox-style mission where you need to take out several targets amid the huge crowds of ravers who've turned an abandoned power plant into a nightclub, and it's quite the challenge.

In this mission, you have a total of ten possible targets of which you only need to eliminate four--your object requires five kills, but the first one is a given when using the original entry point. This gives you the freedom to assassinate whichever targets you want however you want, if you can track them down, of course. As with any Hitman mission, there are many options for entry points, exits, methods of assassination, disguises, and more. Here, we walk through some tips for your first run, but if you want specifics on how to eliminate this mission's various targets, be sure to check out our assassination and challenges guide for the Berlin level. Otherwise, check out our other guides below. And when you're done with all the main missions, check out our feature telling you why you need to play the game's Escalation Missions.

An Easy Entry Point

When you start the mission for the first time, you'll be on the side of a road with a gas station in sight. Stick to the right side of the road to find a grassy path down to the power plant. You'll pass a dead body and a watchtower (which you can use later on as a sniping spot). Eventually, your freebie target walks by, leaving him open for you to sneak up and kill him. Take his earpiece and get down to the power plant.

You'll see a long line of people trying to get into the club, but an easy way to get in yourself is to eavesdrop on a man off to the right of the club entrance who's on the phone. He mentions "allergy pills" that he left on his bike, but he can't find his bike. It's not far, actually, and if you can get it, he'll get you on the guest list.

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Walk along the lot where cars are parked nearby and look to your right--you should be able to spot a bright green bike with a yellow basket leaned against a dumpster. Take the "medicine" from it and give it to the guy who you just talked to. Make sure you drop any illegal items beforehand and walk with him to the entrance. At this point, he'll give you a tour of the club, which can help if you're trying to get a lay of the land--the layout can be confusing at first. You're free to do whatever you want, but his "tour" concludes once he shows you the main dance floor.

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Identifying Targets

Basically, your targets are undercover, posing as various people working at the club. To identify them and get them on your radar, you need to eavesdrop on their radio chatter to confirm they're who you're looking for. An easy way to find potential targets is to look for people with a white dot over their head--this means that they're suspicious of you and will turn hostile if they can get a good enough look at you (since they're trying to hunt Agent 47, too, they know what you look like). They can see through most disguises, but it kind of works in your favor here.

Tail them until they start talking over comms and wait for the red target icon over their head to fill up. Now they're on your radar and can be tracked through your map and Instinct vision. They all have specific routes throughout the entire club, so try to identify as many as possible before making a move to keep your assassination options and opportunities open.

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Notes On Your Targets

Once you eliminate a total of five targets, they'll shut off their operation and evacuate, meaning you won't be able to track or hit anymore targets. Additional targets you've identified flee the area and won't show up on your map. It goes back to trying to identify as many as possible before making your moves to keep your options open and not get lost in who to target next.

Some of your targets can be caught slipping in more secluded areas away from crowds, so your best bet is to snag a club security disguise, which grants you access to most areas that would otherwise be off-limits. Or, if you're bold enough, you can also disguise yourself as the club owner if you access his office on the bottom floor.

Who Are Your Targets And How To Eliminate Them

With previous missions, our guides have focused on how to best tackle Mission Stories and how to seize the opportunities they present. However, with Berlin: Apex Predator being different, we'll divert you to our assassination guide for this mission. In it, we have details on each of your 10 possible targets: Agents Swan, Banner, Montgomery Tremaine, Green, Thames, Chamberlain, Lowenthal, Davenport, Rhodes. We also include all the slick ways in which you can eliminate all of them and complete some of the assassination challenges.

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