Hitman 3 Mendoza Assassination Guide: How To Unlock Every Challenge

Wine, intrigue, and conspiracies all await you in Hitman 3's penultimate level of Mendoza.


With the ICA exposed, Hitman 3's next stop is the vineyards of a known Providence member who may be brewing more than just a fine wine behind the scenes.

Here are all of Mendoza's assassination challenges and everything you need to do to complete them. For more tips and secrets, be sure to read our Hitman 3 walkthrough and guide hub. Otherwise, check out our other assassination guides below.

Notes of Hemlock / Hold My Hair

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Tamara Vidal only has one type of wine that she cares for, and it happens to be a rare bottle of Pinot. While she's on her rounds with Burnwood, disguise yourself as a waiter and make your way down to the bar area on the ground floor. A bottle of Pinotcan be found in the storeroom to the right side of the bar, and once you have it, you can wait for Vidal to appear.

Poison her glass with a lethal toxin to complete the Notes of Hemlock and Tasteless, Traceless challenges when you serve her favorite drink to her. Or, to complete the Hold My Hair challenge, you can use an emetic poison instead and follow Vidal when she retreats to the bathroom.

Pulp Friction

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Vidal, Burnwood, and Yates' fixer Corvo Black are scheduled to take a tour of the vineyard, which leads to a perfect opportunity for some mayhem. You're able to disguise yourself as either Black or the chief winemaker, with the head of the vineyard's disguise being particularly useful in this mission story. When he sends his assistant off to pluck three grapes from the harvest, distract him over to a secluded spot by running a nearby water pump machine.

Once disguised, you'll be able to lead the group on an informative tour. You'll have several opportunities to take care of Vidal, which includes using an industrial grape-pressing machine that ends with a gruesome demise. Lead the group over to the grape crushers, and Vidal will lean over to take a look. One quick shove is all it takes, and she'll join the Yates estate as a grisly new wine vintage, completing the Pulp Friction challenge.


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For a colder approach, carry out the tour as normal but make a stop by the freezer on your way. Make certain that you have a screwdriver equipped, and when Vidal stands inside the freezing unit you can trap her, thereby tampering with the locking mechanism outside of it. Black will also be caught in the assassination, which results in two potential problems being eliminated as part of the Coldhearted challenge.


The last stop on 47's vineyard tour is a chance to assassinate Vidal via electrocution. This works best if Black is not in your party, and involves some preparation before you start the tour. In the wine factory, grab a screwdriver, a wrench, and a fuse cell. Distract the worker near the grape pressing machine so that you can tamper with the wiring on the floor, then sabotage the pumps with the wrench so that the room is flooded with wine.

Insert the fuse cell in a nearby junction box and then subdue the chief winemaker so that you can disguise yourself as him. Start the tour, and give Vidal a look at the grape crushing machine. Quickly run out, make certain that Burnwood has followed you out, and activate the power to that room. Vidal will be eliminated through an electrified harvest, earning you more career points for completing the Firebrand challenge.

Pencil Pusher / Straight Shot / Piano Man

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While Yates has numerous plans in motion to deal with Diana Burnwood, he's not averse to trying more legal methods in his quest to discredit his competition. He recently hired a lawyer to dig up dirt on Burnwood, and the legal expert can be found wandering the car park when the Mendoza level begins.

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When the lawyer walks into a nearby alcove so that he can admire the setup, you can easily knock him out with the people around you being none the wiser. Ditch any illegal items 47 has on him, make certain that you grab the legal papers, and then head to the mansion. You'll need to pass a frisk test first, and then announce yourself to the guard at the gate.

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Once you've been escorted inside, eliminate the guard and hide his body in the cupboard. Set up the legal papers on the desk, and approach Yates in his villa. The two of you will be left alone once you're in the office, and when Yates decides to inspect your papers, you can make good use of the nearby pen on the desk to assassinate him, completing the Pencil Pusher challenge. You'll also have a chance to kill Yates with 47's carbon wire tool or with a bullet to the head, which in turn completes the Piano Man and Straight Shotchallenges.

Get Rid Of The Body

If you'd prefer to get rid of Yates while also watering his garden with his liquidized remains, you can subdue Yates in the office. You'll have to be wary of the two guards outside the office, but you can toss Yates out the window, climb through, and then drag his body to the plant mulcher. A quick press of the button, and there won't be any evidence of Yates left to identify when you complete the Get Rid Of The Body challenge.

The Orator / Someone Could Hurt Themselves

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Yates is due to give a speech to his assembled guests soon, but 47 will need to set the scene before the potential Constant of Providence leaves his manor. With a suitable disguise acquired, preferably that of a waiter, make your way to the cinema on the ground floor and pick up the Branson MD-2 microphone.

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Head outside and back upstairs to the area where Yates will give his speech, swapping the microphone out and then increasing the voltage being fed to it. Run up to the manor, pass a frisk test, and then grab one of the torches near the catering truck. Return to the venue where people have gathered for Yates' speech, and ignite the barbeque so that Yates will appear.

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Stick around to complete The Orator challenge and Someone Could Hurt Themselves challenges, and Yates will give a speech that is shocking, to say the least.

Domestic Disturbance

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47 may not be the best agent to play matchmaker, but he can destroy a marriage with a mere folder of incriminating evidence. Infiltrate the Yates wine cellar through either the mansion or the secret passage behind the wine production factory's barrel room, and you'll spot a safe that is guarded by two of the elite security agents. To open the safe, you'll need the code 2006, which will then reveal a secret dossier.

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Take this dossier to Yates' wife Valentina, and she'll learn how her husband sabotaged her career so that he could win a case. She'll eventually confront him on the balcony of the manor, and in a fit of rage, she'll push him over the edge. With your hands still relatively clean, this will complete the Domestic Disturbance challenge.

Murder By Proxy

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This double assassination requires a lot of work, but the pay-off is worth it. Infiltrate the barrel room, and Yates will signal that he wants his incredibly rare bottle of Paladin 1945 brought up to his meeting room. You'll find an entrance on the right side of the barrels that you can jump down into. Use a screwdriver to open the grate, and you'll be able to sneak into the room that contains the rare wine. Make certain that the windows have been frosted, and you can take out the Sommelier and his assistant.

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Once you've assumed the Sommelier disguise, open the vault with the code 1945. Grab the wine bottle, ditch your illegal items, and meet up with the head of security. You'll then be led to the meeting that Yates is hosting and a showdown will begin between him and Burnwood. You won't get a chance to poison any of the wine during this sequence as security takes over the wine-pouring duties, but you will see Vidal murdered when she refuses to join the conspiracy to kill Burnwood.

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At this point, you'll have ten minutes to save Burnwood. Infiltrate the mansion and take out the security on the top floor where she's being held, and the final sequence will begin. Burnwood will fatally wound Yates while 47 takes out his remaining security detail, leaving 47 to finish the job. With both targets down, you'll have completed the Murder By Proxy challenge.

To Loyalty

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An alternative way to complete the Closing Statement mission is to prepare the scene before Yates and his crew arrives. With a lethal poison in your inventory, infiltrate the wine cellar either through the mansion or through the wine production facility. An elite guard outfit works best here, and once you're in the room, you can taint Yates' glass with a lethal dose of poison. Allow the rest of the story to play out as intended, and after Burnwood is escorted upstairs, Yates will take his final sip of wine.

With Yates now dead on the floor thanks to the poisoned glass of wine, this will complete the To Loyalty challenge.

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