Hitman 3: How To Unlock The Secret Ending

Hitman 3 has an ending that brings the entire series full circle. Here's how you can find it.


Hitman 3's release this week brings to an end a journey that has been four years in the making. Developer IO Interactive's return to the world of assassination began with Agent 47 infiltrating a Paris fashion show, but it ends on a smaller and bloodier note as players navigate their way through a train that is filled with Providence agents.

There are spoilers below regarding the end of Hitman 3 from this point on, so consider yourself warned.

Agent 47's destination eventually ends with a face to face with Arthur Edwards, the head of Providence who players have been chasing across the world. Cut off from the rest of the train and with no security to protect him, Edwards still has one ace up his sleeve in the form of a special serum that performs a factory reset on a subject's mind.

At this point, players have multiple options in front of them. They can check Edward's wardrobe for a silenced pistol, find carbon wire that can be used to garrote him, or they can eliminate the Constant using any of the other weapons they've picked up along the way. The more obvious solution is to inject Edwards with the memory-erasing serum, leaving him alive but without any knowledge of who Agent 47 really is.

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If players are patient, they can also unlock a secret ending that brings Agent 47's story full circle. Grab the syringe, but don't use it. After a minute, Edward will goad Agent 47 to use it on himself, promising him that "freedom from choice is also freedom". If players choose to inject themselves, Agent 47 will go back to sleep and awaken in a familiar padded cell, ready to once again follow orders and serve Providence as the organization's personal assassin.

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It's an ending that also references how the first Hitman game began more than two decades ago, essentially remaking the scene where the assassin was awoken to a strange voice that urged him to climb out of bed and start plying his deadly trade. It's a neat ending if you don't mind Agent 47 being trapped in an endless loop.

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Hitman 3 is out now and has so far earned critical acclaim from numerous critics. In GameSpot's Hitman 3 review, critic Phil Hornshaw noted that this sequel is "full of fun and fascinating ideas, many of which play with the concepts underpinning the last four years of Hitman levels".

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