Hitman 3 Dartmoor Assassination Guide: How To Unlock Every Challenge

There's a reverse murder mystery to solve in Hitman 3's Dartmoor level as Agent 47 heads to England.


In Hitman 3, there's murder in the air at Dartmoor mansion, as Agent 47 finds himself caught in the middle of a battle for succession. Not only has a member of the Carlisle family been murdered in his sleep, but the head of the family is also in danger of being next on the killer's list. It's up to Agent 47 to stop that from happening and finish the job himself.

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One For The Ages

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With a fake funeral to prepare for, a photographer has been hired to capture what could be the final portrait of the surviving members of the Carlisle family. The only problem? His flash equipment won't work as there's no fuse to help power his devices. When the photographer decides to take a stroll around the estate grounds, tail him, and activate a nearby radio distraction that will draw his attention.

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Subdue the photographer and place his body in a nearby dumpster in the garden maze. Having assumed his identity, Agent 47 needs to find a fuse to finish the photography session. The fuse can be found in two locations. One is on the east side of the manor near the delivery trucks, inside a fuse box that can be broken into with a nearby crowbar:

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Alternatively, one of the fuses lies on a table near the two bodyguards outside, on the mansion’s west side. Before you place the fuse in the correct junction box, it's time to do some sabotage after you take a test photo of the maid. When she goes off to call the Carlisle family, grab the screwdriver near the photography area and tamper with the plug socket next to the chair. Open the water valve next to it, and when Alexa Carlisle takes her seat, it'll make for an electrifying portrait--One for the Ages, some would say.

Sweet Dreams

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Carlisle will occasionally go upstairs to her office, which also contains a secret room where she vents her emotions. Infiltrating the tool before she gets there will reveal that a hidden passageway was built next to it. Activate the secret switch and wait for Carlisle to enter.

Once she's inside, you have the perfect opportunity to assassinate her with various tools, but you do have to be quick as her personal bodyguard will check in on her. Once Carlisle is out of the way, you can exit through the secret room and avoid raising any alarm bells. Accomplish this swift kill and you’ll complete the Sweet Dreams challenge.

I Find This Amoosing

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Carlisle's office is a treasure trove of assassination opportunities. Her usual route will take her through it and under a chandelier that happens to be constructed out of many heavy moose antlers. Infiltrate the office wearing a disguise, through the secret passageway, or by climbing the walls outside, and make your way to the very top of the office staircase.

To accomplish the I Find This Amoosing challenge, all you have to do from here is wait for Alexa to enter, and with a well-timed shot, you can drop the expensive ornament directly on top of her.

Grave Mistake

In the Mission Story: Her Final Resting Place, Carlisle wants to make certain that her fake funeral is carried out properly, but you'll have to ensure that her final resting place is up to the task. In the graveyard where the undertaker is waiting, a few nasty crows are ruining the atmosphere. Conceal yourself in the nearby bushes, and take care of those nests with a few well-aimed shots from your silenced pistol if you have it equipped.

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Clear the area of any potential witnesses, take out the undertaker and inform the nearby staff that you're ready to show Carlisle her burial site.

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Once she arrives and provides some destructive criticism, Carlisle will stand over her burial plot in a very precarious position. Her bodyguard will also be standing behind her tombstone; his vision obstructed entirely by the massive slab of granite. Kick Carlisle into the grave to complete the Grave Mistake challenge, and for some extra challenge points, grab the shovel behind the tombstone to finish her burial.

Keep Calm And Aim

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For a long-distance option, you'll need to focus on preparation. Once your career mastery is high enough, you'll be able to smuggle a sniper rifle into the mansion and carry it around in a briefcase that won't alert any guards.

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Head to the graveyard and get rid of the crow nests there, but do not complete the rest of this story mission. Grab a mansion staff uniform, and you'll be able to freely enter Carlisle's office on the very top floor. On the staircase leading to the observation deck, you can climb the ledge and exit through a window that leads to the rooftop.

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With your sniper rifle equipped, merely wait for Carlisle to begin the inspection of her burial plot and wait for the perfect moment to take your shot. Time it right, and you'll not only eliminate her, but you'll also hide her body with your precise sniping skill. Either way, killing Carlisle this way completes the Keep Calm and Aim challenge.

Another Death In the Family / Poison Ivy

Carlisle believes that someone is out to get her, and she's not wrong. If you head to the greenhouse, you'll find a broken apparatus that can be used to create a lethal dose of poison. You'll need a wrench to repair it, but if you do and then proceed to blame the murder of Zachary on Fernsby or claim that it was a suicide (more on that below), Carlisle will eventually be poisoned.

Wait long enough in the Dartmoor mission and Carlisle will address her family, finishing to take a sip of her drink and fainting dead on the spot from a poison that was measured to precisely kill her. Once she kicks the bucket, you will complete both the Another Death In the Family and the Poison Ivy challenges.

A Matter of Justice / A Matter of Loyalty / A Matter of Guilt

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Who killed Zachary Carlisle? That's the question that a famous detective has been called to answer, but Agent 47 may be the better sleuth for this job. Once you've assumed the identity of the private eye (who enters through the gate you start near), a grand murder mystery will play out in Dartmoor. Framed to look like a suicide, Zachary's death was actually a murder committed by a Carlisle family member.

It'll be up to 47 to deduce the identity of the culprit, and with a stack of intel from the butler, there's plenty of questioning to be done and a tight time frame before the murderer strikes again. You won't need to question everyone to find the killer, though, as investigating two key locations will reveal who killed Zachary. Investigate all the clues in Zachary's room, find the secret passage hidden behind a bookshelf, and question the murderer.

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After you've investigated her room and the nearby greenhouse, you'll have enough evidence to accurately reveal the true killer’s role in the death of Zachary. If you have a wrench with you, you can also fix Zachary's equipment and produce the toxin for yourself. You'll be allowed upstairs into Alexa Carlisle's office on the third floor. Once you've presented your evidence and successfully identified the real murderer to Alexa, you'll be able to earn a monetary reward or the Arthur Edwards case file. This completes the A Matter of Justice challenge.

It’s worth noting there are other conclusions you can make to solve this mystery, such as implicating Fernsby the butler or ruling the murder was a suicide, but each requires a bit more work to unlock. For more details on where to find all the clues to choose these conclusions, check out our Dartmoor murder mystery clues guide. Regardless, if you tell Alexa that Zachary committed suicide, you will complete the A Matter of Guilt challenge and earn the case file. In turn, this triggers the murderer to eventually poison Alexa, giving you both the Poison Ivy and Another Death in the Family challenges. Alternatively, tell Alexa that it was the butler, and you’ll earn the A Matter of Loyalty challenge.

Whichever decision you make, you'll be left alone in a big office with minimal security and plenty of chances to grab a few challenges when you get to work. And after talking to Alexa, she will walk out to the balcony, leaving 47 a perfect opportunity to make her fake funeral a very real one whichever way you please.

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