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Hitman 3 Adds Ninja Gear, Elusive Targets, And More In February

IO Interactive has revealed the February roadmap for Hitman 3, which features plenty of Escalation Contracts, deadly boxes, and new challenges.


IO Interactive has revealed the February roadmap for Hitman 3, which kicks off with the Baskerville Barney Escalation Contract in the Dartmoor level. The goal here is to eliminate the entire Carlisle family and make each murder look like an accident. All of this is outlined in the video and February roadmap image below.

Featured Contracts on the Dubai level will arrive on February 11, courtesy of video and podcast show Minnmax. IO Interactive says that you can expect to use plenty of bananas in these contracts. The Sinbad Stringent Escalation Contract will be added on February 18, and will also take place in Dubai.

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Unlike other Escalation Contracts, these missions will feature Agent 47 practicing his knife-throwing skills against boxes that have been arranged throughout the level, with each slain cube containing some sort of a surprise.

The second round of Featured Contracts will bring players back to Dartmoor, with each mission having been created by the crew at Kinda Funny. Owners of Hitman 3's deluxe edition will have two exclusive Escalation missions on February 23, which also reward those players with unique items. The Gauchito Antiquity on the Mendoza map will add the Guru suit, an emetic poison syringe pen, and an emetic grenade to Agent 47's arsenal once those missions have been completed.

The Proloff Parable takes place on Hitman 3's Carpathian Mountains level, and transforms Agent 47 into a ninja who has to work his way through that level's very first Escalation mission. The risk is worth the reward though, as players can earn a White Shadow ninja outfit, a custom Sieger 300 silenced sniper rifle, and a white katana.

Hitman 3 February content
Hitman 3 February content

Lastly, Hitman 3's first Elusive Target mission will arrive on February 26 and will run until March 8. The Deceivers takes place in the first Hitman's Sapienza level, and you'll be tasked with eliminating two targets. This will be the type of content that players can expect in Hitman 3, as outside of a possible remix of existing stages, IO Interactive has no plans to add new levels to the world of assassination sandbox.

Hitman 3 launched earlier this month, and its strong sales saw IO Interactive to recoup all development costs in just a few days. In our Hitman 3 review, critic Phil Hornshaw praised the game's perfect execution of stealth, storytelling, and its ability to subvert player expectations. Check out our Hitman 3 guides and tips to help you plan the perfect assassination opportunities in preparation for February's content drop.

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