Hitman 2 Gets New Content For Free This Month

IO Interactive has outlined its December roadmap for Hitman 2.


As the holidays are the season of giving, developer IO Interactive is giving out free content for its stealth-action game Hitman 2 this month. The batch of new content includes additional contracts, seasonal events, and elusive targets.

Beginning on December 5 and going through early January 2020, you can play an assortment of new missions in Hitman 2. A few of the game's locations will receive some form of new content throughout the month. These include an Escalation Contract in Santa Fortuna on December 5, an Elusive Target in Paris from December 6-16, a Seasonal Event in Hokkaido on December 17, and more.

Hitman 2's seasonal events, Holiday Hoarders and Snow Festival, are now a permanent part of the game. Holiday Hoarders allows you to unlock the Santa 47 Suit, while the Snow Festival gives you the opportunity to get the Snow Festival Suit and Ice Pick. Check below for a full list of Hitman 2's upcoming free content.

  • The Truman Convention Escalation Contract in Santa Fortuna (Colombia) – Available Dec. 5
  • The Raaz Algorithm Escalation Contract in Mumbai (India) – Available Dec. 5
  • The Chef Legacy Elusive Target in Paris (France) – Available Dec. 6-16
  • 12 Days of Contracts Community Curated Contracts – Available Dec. 12
  • The Han Encasement Escalation Contract in Mumbai (India) – Available Dec. 12
  • Holiday Hoarders Seasonal Event in Paris (France) – Available Dec. 17
  • Snow Festival Seasonal Event in Hokkaido (Japan) – Available Dec. 17
  • The Rafael Misadventure Escalation Contract in Isle of Sgàil (North Atlantic) – Available Dec. 17
  • The Kotti Paradigm Legacy Escalation Contract in Paris (France) – Available Dec. 17
  • IO Interactive’s Monthly HITMAN 2 Livestream on Twitch – Dec. 17
  • The Stowaway Legacy Elusive Target in Isle of Sgàil (North Atlantic) – Available Dec. 20 through Jan. 6

While Hitman 2 is getting ready for a bevy of new content this month, IO Interactive confirmed that it is shifting its focus to the studio's next project. According to a blog post, development on this unnamed game is "well underway."

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