Hispanics Protest Toy Story 2 Game

Toy Story 2 character sets off Mexican-American protest for alleged stereotyping.


A small group of Hispanics led a peaceful demonstration outside Activision's Santa Monica, Calif., headquarters yesterday to protest a character in the Toy Story 2 game. A villain in the game wears a mustache, bullet bandoleer, and a sombrero - all characteristics that the group felt were offensive stereotypes of Mexicans.

Activision developed the game with the Disney Toy Story 2 license, and the character was not from the Toy Story 2 movie. In the end, Disney agreed with the group and regretted the character's presence in the game. A spokesperson for Disney said that it now has plans to change the character "as soon as possible" in a newer version of the game. In the meantime, the game has not been recalled and will remain on retailer shevles.

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Protesting over this?!? What idiocy.