Hilarious Wolf Among Us mod leaves us scratching our heads [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] It's actually a fan-made mod, Telltale confirms.


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[UPDATE] As it turns out, this is not a bug at all, but rather an intentionally designed fan-made mod that uses assets from a previous episode, Telltale tells Kotaku.

The original story is below.

This post contains (hilarious) spoilers about The Wolf Among Us.

.gif credit: Kotaku
.gif credit: Kotaku

It's only April 2014, but what appears to be a newly discovered Wolf Among Us bug is going to be hard to top for the rest of the year.

Found by Twitter user Josh Sawyer (via Kotaku), the bug features Bigby Wolf locked into some form of pole-dancing animation, only there is no pole and his actions don't match up with the scene. You can watch the entire clip here.

All of this combines for some admittedly hilarious results. We reached out to developer Telltale Games for comment on the bug, and were told that the studio is looking into it.

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