Hilarious CoD: Warzone Bug Shows Operator Head Used As A Gun

A killcam glitch shows an operator's head mowing down the competition.


Call of Duty: Warzone has seen quite a few odd glitches over the years, but players have discovered a hilarious new killcam bug that uses the operator's head as a gun.

Reddit user "Meatier_Showerr" shared a Warzone clip to the Warzone subreddit, showing a ridiculous killcam from a match on Rebirth Island, where the player's gun is shown as their operator head instead. The bullets appear to fly from a floating female head, while her pigtails are seemingly the weapon's grip.

Some Redditors shared their confusion on how a bug like this even gets in the game, while another user jokingly commented to say the player in the killcam just had all the right attachments. "He's just got it kitted out. Pigtails, adjustable nose, sawed-off neck. It's the meta loadout, bro," the Redditor said.

While Warzone has seen some frustrating and unfair bugs in the past, including invisible operator skins that helped players score easier wins, this seems to be a harmless visual bug that only affects the killcam. Players should still see their proper weapon in hand, but the killcam could get bugged out to show their operator head instead.

Additionally, Activision is already teasing content for Season 3 of Warzone, which seems to involve a new event themed around Godzilla. Season 3 of Vanguard and Warzone is set to arrive on April 27, and here is everything we know so far about the big updates.

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