Hilarious Avengers Fan Trailer Recasts Movie With '90s Action Stars

Tom! Brad! Keanu!


Superhero movies obviously existed prior to the 21st century, but it was the likes of the first X-Men and Sam Raimi's Spider-Man at the start of the 2000s that helped make the genre the box office monster it is today. The current stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are some of the best known actors in the world, and it's hard to think of other performers in those roles.

But what if the superhero movie craze had happened a decade earlier? With the exception of three Batman movies and smaller films such as Blade, the 1990s were largely free of big screen superheroes, despite the number of hugely iconic actors associated with that decade. Luckily, thanks to YouTube fan-edit channel What's The Mashup, we now have an idea of what a '90s Avengers movie might have looked like.

The WTM team presents a trailer for the The Avengers in '90s style, complete with a dated VFX and a distinctive VHS look. Best of all, they have inserted some of the biggest stars of the time, using footage from other movies, and cast them as the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. So if you ever wanted to see Tom Cruise as Iron Man, Brad Pitt as Thor, or Sarah Michelle Gellar as Captain Marvel, here's your chance. There's more in there too--but we won't spoil the surprise of who has been cast as Captain America. Check it out below:

As for the real Avengers, the much-anticipated Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26. The latest promo video revealed loads of new footage--check out GameSpot's breakdown of this new video. In addition, tickets for Endgame are now available. The pre-sale has broken records and caused several ticketing sites--including Fandango and AMC--to crash.

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