Highlander officially quickening PS3, 360, PC

Following numerous leaks, Eidos announces its forthcoming fantasy-action game, inspired by the film and television series of the same name.


Nothing can kill this franchise, apparently.
Nothing can kill this franchise, apparently.

In summer 1986, Highlander premiered in theaters. Some 22 years, four sequels, two television series, two animated series, and two games later, the franchise is now returning to the game world. Following months of leaks, today Eidos Interactive finally officially announced that it will publish Highlander for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The publisher's parent company, SCi Entertainment, acquired rights to the franchise in 2004.

In the new game, players assume the role of Owen MacLeod, who may--or may not be--a relative of film hero Conor MacLeod and TV hero Duncan MacLeod. Like his celluloid and video counterparts, MacLeod begins as an everyday man--this time in Roman-occupied Gaul--who discovers he's immortal when he's briefly killed. After he rises again, the game follows him through various eras as he squares off against other sword-wielding immortals who kill each other the only way they can: beheading.

Sadly, Clancy Brown has not been confirmed for the voice cast.
Sadly, Clancy Brown has not been confirmed for the voice cast.

Highlander will also see MacLeod squaring off against a new nemesis, not the Kurgan (pictured) from the original film. He'll also have a mentor immortal, Methos, who will train him to use his powers (collectively called the Quickening) just as Sean Connery's character first did. These powers will let MacLeod channel fire and electricity through his body, disarm opponents by letting them jam their weapons into him, and escape by jumping from a great height--and surviving. Combat in the game will focus on melee weapons, including such sword types as the claymore, katana, and twin gladius, and will have destructible environments.

Highlander is being developed by French Widescreen Games (Dead to Rights) and will use the Unreal 3 Engine. It is being written by David Abramowitz, the show runner for the Highlander TV series. It is set for release sometime later this year.

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