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Highest-level Lineage quest this week

NCsoft will soon introduce the highest-level Lineage quest ever, with a new series of online episodes coming soon.


NCsoft has announced that high-level Lineage players will soon be able to engage in the online role-playing game's most daunting quest ever. The quest will require that groups include characters from each of the game's four classes and that every player in the group be over level 50. The challenging adventure will culminate in a battle against the evil creature Varlok, and the payoff is a class-specific unique item. NCsoft is also adding other features to Lineage this week, including new items to craft, and the company will launch a new series of episodes for the game soon.

Lineage is said to be the world's most popular online RPG, with more than 4 million active subscribers worldwide. For more details, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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