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High On Life Teases New Horror DLC High On Knife

High on Knife will lean more into horror.


During the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, Squanch Games revealed a new paid DLC High on Knife for its first-person shooter, High on Life.

The announcement trailer opens with shots of your character walking through areas filled with purple ooze. As the trailer goes on, we're given shots of your character chasing an alien down a hallway and getting ready for a fight. Near the end of the trailer, your character is thrown back by a giant purple alien with Knifey, one of your talking weapons, apologizing for dragging you into this.

What's also notable about the trailer is the lack of Justin Roiland's involvement. It was previously reported that Roiland had resigned from the studio amid the controversy earlier this year. His presence was non-existent in this trailer for the DLC, which is worth noting because his voice was a constant presence in the base game.

Thanks to an Xbox blog post, we have more information on what to expect in this paid DLC. High on Knife is set two years after the ending of the main game, where you and your talking weapons go on an adventure because Knifey received a package from home. The DLC will still lean into its same sense of humor as the base game, but the devs intend on "getting a little spooky this time around."

We asked if this would connect with what High On Life's secret ending teased, Squanch Games told GameSpot, "The DLC takes place two years after the end of the base game, so who knows what could have happened between now and then. We're not going to give any spoilers on the plot."

Alec Robbins, the narrative director of High on Life, had this to say about the DLC:

"This teaser shows off the "scary" part of our comedy game. It's important that every comedy game has a scary part to offset all the comedy. Ideally, we'd get one scream for every three laughs just to even out the overall emotional experience but we're still fine-tuning things to see if we can hit that mark."

In our High on Life review, Jason Fanelli wrote, "The story, off-beat as it may be, is told incredibly well, with characters and moments I'll be referencing for a while. Even if you're not a fan of the kind of humor High On Life presents, the game that's here is worth the trip."

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