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Hideous Mario, PlayStation, And Star Wars Christmas Sweaters Are On Sale At GameStop

All three of these sweaters are awfully good.


GameStop's Deal of the Day focuses on Christmas sweaters--the extremely ugly variety. The ugly Christmas sweater has become a thing over the years, and this trio of sweaters certainly have the undeniable eye-sore look. Normally sold for the ridiculous price of $35, you can pick up these Super Mario, Star Wars, and PlayStation ugly sweaters for $15.

Each of these sweaters is awful in their own way. If you have an ugly sweater party coming up or just want to wear a more hideous sweater than your uncle at the family Christmas party, any of the three will work quite well. GameStop's Deal of the Day on ugly sweaters ends at 9 PM PT / 12 AM ET.

Super Mario Bros. Holiday Sweater -- $15
Super Mario Bros. Holiday Sweater -- $15

Super Mario Bros. Merry Mario Holiday Sweater -- $15 ($35)

I wouldn't describe the 8-bit-style Mario in the center of the wreath as ugly. The surrounding nonsense is what makes this sweater decidedly ugly. The designers of this sweater decided to cram practically every object and item from early Super Mario games onto this sweater. This fact really comes into focus when you look at the hideous backside. "Merry Mario," I guess.

PlayStation Holiday Sweater -- $15
PlayStation Holiday Sweater -- $15

PlayStaton Holiday Sweater -- $15 ($35)

This PlayStation-themed sweater is ugly in a different way. I actually think the many symbols representing controller buttons work, especially on the sleeves. The worst part of this sweater is the giant PlayStation logo and baffling blank space surrounding it.

Star Wars Holiday Sweater -- $15
Star Wars Holiday Sweater -- $15

Star Wars Holiday Sweater -- $15 ($35)

Though ugly, this sweater also has a fairly funny joke on it: The Death Star at the top of the tree. Get it? I laughed when I noticed it, at least.

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