Hideo Kojima's Next Game Will Feature Elle Fanning

The Great actress will appear in Kojima's upcoming game, but that's about all we know.


Hideo Kojima has revealed that the actress Elle Fanning will appear in his next game. Kojima revealed this as part of PAX Australia, which is going on now in Melbourne.

The first teaser for the mysterious game was revealed during the Tokyo Game Show last month. Additional teasers are coming, and if they follow tradition, a major game event might again be the host. If that's the case, the next big gaming event this year is Gamescom Asia at the end of October. After that, Kojima's pal Geoff Keighley is hosting The Game Awards in December.

It's not a surprise that Fanning will appear in Kojima's new game, as people guessed this a while back when Kojima posted the first cryptic teaser for the game.

Kojima Productions has a booth at PAX Australia featuring the QR code below that takes fans to a website showing Fanning's face. Apparently this link will be updated with more information in the time ahead, according to Lance McDonald.

Fanning stars on the Hulu TV show The Great as Catherine the Great. She is the sister of actress Dakota Fanning.

As for what this new game is, that's anyone's guess. People have commented that the teaser art showing Fanning's face contains the type of "strands" that were depicted in Death Stranding art. Perhaps, then, Kojima is teasing the heavily rumored Death Stranding 2.

In addition to that game--which hasn't been announced officially but is an open secret thanks to Norman Reedus speaking about it publicly--Kojima is making a new game with Xbox.

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