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Hideo Kojima Reveals New Death Stranding Details

Death Stranding will be an action game with an open world, and have online elements.


Hideo Kojima has revealed a little more information on his mysterious upcoming game, Death Stranding. Speaking at Sony PlayStation's pre-Tokyo Game Show keynote presentation earlier today, Kojima revealed the meaning behind the game's title and logo.

According to Kojima, the game's logo isn't dripping ink or liquid--the trails we see beneath the letters are in fact cords. He went on to explain that the theme of the game is about how people are connected by strands--hence the title of the game, Death Stranding.

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That's not dripping ink.
That's not dripping ink.

He revealed that the game will be in the action genre and that it will be open world, with "a degree of freedom." Death Stranding will also have online elements. Kojima spoke of his wish to give gamers a way to be connected via these "strands," or elements that are different to the usual multiplayer teams.

In addition, the developer confirmed that Death Stranding will be available in 4K resolution and support HDR. He will be in attendance at Tokyo Game Show on September 18, where he "hopes to reveal more information that we couldn't talk about today."

Death Stranding was first announced at E3 this year via a surprise appearance from Kojima himself. Beyond a rather unique trailer, we don't know much else about the game other than it will be released for PlayStation 4. Kojima has said the game will be the best he's ever made, confident that he will not have to make compromises.

For more, check out GameSpot's breakdown of the Death Stranding trailer as well as our own interview with Kojima in which he reacts to Resident Evil 7 and tells us how his family wanted him to retire.

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