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Hideo Kojima Reacts To Deathloop, Says It Might Make Him Sick

"I want to play it, but it's a FPS and I'll probably get 3D-sick. Hmmm."


Legendary game designer Hideo Kojima has weighed in with his thoughts on Arkane's new game, Deathloop, which is out now behind very strong reviews and status as a Game of the Year contender. The Metal Gear designer said the game's time loop feature is an "interesting system" and he wants to play it.

However, because it's a FPS, Kojima said he's likely to get "3D-sick." Kojima ended his message by saying "Hmmm," so it appears he's tossing up whether or not getting a little sick is worth it to play what looks to be one of 2021's best games.

In another tweet, Kojima said he has been a long-time sufferer of some types of motion sickness. "I've always get sick even though I was in the gymnastics team," he said. "On field trips, I sat at the front of the bus. I get sick on the swings. At amusement parks, I couldn't go on the teacups, viking rides, flying carpets, octopus rides, or anything that spun. Roller coasters are fine."

Deathloop is the newest game from Arkane, the studio perhaps best known for its work on the Dishonored series. The studio's owner, Bethesda, was acquired by Microsoft, but the deal to make Deathloop a PS5 exclusive on console was made prior to the buyout. As such, Deathloop won't come to Xbox until September 2022 at the soonest. It is a very weird situation.

GameSpot's Deathloop review scored the game a 10/10, becoming just the 20th game in GameSpot's history to be awarded a 10.

"Perhaps the most laudable part of Deathloop is how it takes so many seemingly disparate things and creates harmony between them," reviewer Tamoor Hussain said. "Gameplay systems that feel isolated become pieces of a bigger puzzle, and when you see how they seamlessly connect together, you realize how special an achievement it really is."

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