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Hideo Kojima Is Hinting At A Return To Horror

He's looking to "awaken (his) horror soul."


Kojima Productions' Death Stranding released on PlayStation 4 this month, earning a 9/10 in our review and marking a new era for director Hideo Kojima, four years after his split with Konami. Before Death Stranding, Kojima was working on a new Silent Hill game called Silent Hills. A much-loved demo, P.T., was released, but Konami ultimately cancelled the game much to the chagrin of fans. Now, years later, it's starting to look like Kojima is thinking about horror again.

On Twitter, Kojima has made reference to making "the scariest horror game," and he's watching horror movies to prepare. The film in question, The Eye, is not actually a Thai film, as Kojima claims--it's the work of Hong Kong directors the Pang brothers. Part of the film is, however, set in Thailand.

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From this, it's not clear whether Kojima is actually moving ahead with a horror game development, or just exploring the possibility. In 2017, Kojima said that he did not plan on returning to horror, but P.T. continues to be relevant, despite having been delisted years ago. Earlier this month actor Norman Reedus said that he was okay with Silent Hills not going ahead, as it meant that he was able to work with Kojima or Death Stranding instead. But since Konami holds the rights to Silent Hill, any horror game Kojima works on now would have to be different anyway.

Kojima has not tweeted about the movie again since, so it's not clear whether he got through The Eye or not, and whether it has inspired him to return to horror, or awakened "his horror soul."

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