Hideo Kojima hosting podcasts

The creator of Metal Gear Solid is now producing his own online talk show, dropping MGS4 details.


TOKYO--Months after he started keeping a blog, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has begun his own podcast. Titled "Hidechan! Radio," it features various guests, most of which are Metal Gear Solid series developers. The podcast appears to now be the primary source of information about the ongoing development of Metal Gear Solid 4, as Kojima has neglected to update his blog in recent weeks. Gamers with an understanding of Japanese can download Kojima's broadcasts (in MP3 format) from his Japanese blog.

In his latest show, Kojima started a new segment called "Hidechan's Café." Its first guest is Akio Otsuka, the seasoned actor who voices Snake in the Japanese MGS games. Otsuka's conversation with Kojima will be available in installments over next few weeks, and has already revealed details about the development of MGS4. In his first talk with Otsuka, Kojima let slip that dialogue for MGS4 will be recorded throughout 2006, and the recording process will take as long as it did with previous entries in the series.

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