Hide-and-Seek Game The Ship Getting Graphical Overhaul

The popular assassination game from 2006 is getting a fresh coat of paint.


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In 2006, developer Outerlight released an expanded and improved version of a Half-Life 2 mod. Called The Ship, it features players trying to avoid others while seeking out their target to assassinate. It's similar to Assassin's Creed multiplayer, but it forces you to also monitor needs like food and water while also avoiding guards and cameras.

It's now approaching ten years since its original release, so the game's new owner, Blazing Griffin, has announced that it is making an HD remake of the game. Since The Ship is already on PC and can be played at full 1080p resolution, it's probable that this remake will go into depth to make it look significantly better. You can check out the short teaser below:

The developer hasn't given any specifics about what will be improved, but it says that players can expect it in early 2016. It also says that The Ship: HD is the beginning of an expansion of the franchise. A blog post explains, "Much of the work being carried out for The Ship: HD will also contribute to future projects. We're committed to recreating the experience that fans of The Ship had when they first played the game and look forward to working with the community to this end."

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