Hey Old People, There's a New Biker Mice from Mars Game Inspired By Advance Wars

Biker Mice from Mars: Mars Attacks is the prequel you didn't know you wanted.


Are you a child of the 90s? Are you looking to indulge in some classic cartoon nostalgia? Well then you may be interested to learn Biker Mice from Mars is getting a new turn-based strategy game in the style of Advance Wars.

If you need a refresher, the Biker Mice From Mars are a trio of anthropomorphic rodents hailing from ... yup, you guessed it, Mars. They crash land on Earth and decide to become vigilantes. Also they ride motorbikes BECAUSE IT'S THE 90s yeaaaaaahhh *guitar riff*.

The new game, called Biker Mice from Mars: Mars Attacks, is being developed by mobile game studio 9th Impact. It's actually the second game the studio has used the license for, having previously released a runner called Biker Mice from Mars: Rock'N'Slide.

"The prequel to the classic Biker Mice from Mars series is here which places you at the helm of the Freedom Fighters," reads the official description for Mars Attacks.

"The stinkin' fish-faced Plutarkians launched a devastating attack on Mars. They have won the war and begun extracting all of the planet’s resources to send back to Plutark, but the resistance continues."

The game's official website directly cites Nintendo's Advance Wars as an inspiration for its gameplay: "With your favorite characters from the classic 90s TV series 'Biker Mice from Mars' and gameplay inspired by another 90s classic 'Advance Wars,' this game was built by fans for fans. Plan each and every move carefully and show the Plutarkian forces that you mean business."

Is this game going to be any good? Probably not. But I'll take any and every opportunity to post the Biker Mice from Mars intro sequence on this website.

Naturally, you'll play as Modo, Throttle, and Vinnie in Mars Attacks, and you'll be up against Limburger, Stilton, and Deep Pocket. Gameplay involves commanding "platoons of light infantry, companies of heavy infantry, squadrons of attack gliders, cavalry bikers, and divisions of armored Martian sand buggies" to plan and execute attacks on the enemy.

"Recapture your home planet, zone by zone by kicking some serious Plutarkian fin!!," the game's descriptions reads. Look at those two exclamation marks. Radical.

The game will feature "over 30 advance missions with hours of tactical gameplay and unlimited replayability" and once you're done you can "have a root beer back at the base," which is 90s talk for plan your next missions.

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The cartoons originally aired in 1993 and a second series was shown in 2006. Biker Mice from Mars: Mars Attacks is available now on iOS and Android. You can check out screenshots of the game above. Time to rock 'em and sock 'em!

Who remembers Gargoyles? That was a great show.

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