Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie Trailer Packs In Nostalgia Ahead Of Thanksgiving Release

Will Arnold find love and his parents in this new Nickelodeon movie?


It's been 13 years since Hey Arnold ended on Nickelodeon. However, one of the show's biggest mysteries was never solved: What happened to Arnold's parents?

Thankfully, it looks like that question will finally get an answer. Hey Arnold is back, thanks to a new movie premiering on Nickelodeon. Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie sends the kid with a football-shaped head into the jungle with his friends to locate the last place his mom and dad were seen.

A new trailer for the movie has been released, promising that all questions surrounding the series will be answered. It hints that not only will viewers finally learn Arnold's last name--though it's more or less been confirmed that it's Shortman--but his parents will finally be revealed. "Are they alive?" he asks in the trailer. "I have to know."

It also looks like Helga is finally revealing how she truly feels about Arnold. He doesn't seem to quite understand how to react to her love, though. Perhaps his parents will be able to offer him some sage wisdom in regards to those developments, should they turn out to be alive.

Then again, his mom and dad have been lost in the jungle for years, essentially making their son an orphan. Could it be that they didn't survive? To find out, you're going to have to tune into Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie when it premieres on November 24 on Nickelodeon.

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