Heron: Steam Machine, Fast Draw Showdown face off on WiiWare

Nintendo Store Update: Pipe-twisting puzzler and six-shooter sim joined by Pub Darts; Trajectile, Hell's Kitchen bubble over onto DSiWare.


Fast Draw Showdown
Pub Darts
Heron: Steam Machine
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Nintendo isn't missing a beat with its online game-distribution platforms as it enters a new decade. For the first week of 2010, the Nintendo Store is stocked with seven new additions, as the Wii gets a pipe-twisting puzzler, a gunslinger, and a dart sim. Meanwhile, the DSi picks up a military strategy game and an animal-rearing puzzler, as well as a cooking sim.

In Triangle Studios' Heron: Steam Machine, players are charged with keeping a rubber duckie factory in working order by managing pressure gauges. In the 500 Wii point ($5) puzzler, players rearrange the layout of pipes to provide a pressure release conduit before the steam-powered rubber duckie machine blows its lid.

The Steam Machine in action.
The Steam Machine in action.

Fast Draw Showdown sees players wielding their Wii Remote as a six-shooter as they attempt to gun down their foes in the Wild West. The shooter pits gamers against a variety of quick-draw specialists and also supports multiplayer face-offs. Big Blue Bobble's Pub Darts represents the final new WiiWare release this week and offers a variety of dart-throwing minigames. It, along with Fast Draw Showdown, is available for 500 Wii points ($5).

On DSiWare, Nintendo's portable gains the military strategy title Trajectile. Available for 500 DSi points ($5), the puzzler sees gamers fending off a variety of targets by strategically launching a limited supply of missiles. Aksys Games' Animal Puzzle Adventure offers more placid puzzling action, as players are charged with herding a variety of different creatures to their respective shelters across 50 stages. The game costs 500 DSi points ($5).

Ludia's Hell's Kitchen Vs. clocks in as the most expensive original title on the week at 800 DSi points ($8). Based on profanity-spewing chef Gordon Ramsay's reality television show, Hell's Kitchen Vs. sees players competing in kitchen challenges while under the pressure of the acerbic cook's watchful eye.

The sole Virtual Console release on the Wii this week is Capcom's beat-'em-up Final Fight 3. Originally released for the Super NES, Final Fight 3 picks back up with Metro City mayor Mike Haggar, along with a trio of equally heavy-fisted companions, as they attempt to take down the Skull Cross gang. The game costs 800 Wii points ($8).

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