Heroes of the Storm's New StarCraft Medic Sounds Like a Great Healer

A new top-priority target.


After offering a look at some of her (and other characters') upcoming skins earlier this week, Blizzard today detailed Heroes of the Storm's Lt. Morales, the Medic unit from StarCraft.

We'd previously heard about one of Morales' Heroic abilities. Her other Heroic and the rest of her abilities have now been outlined, and she sounds like she has the potential to be an excellent single-target healer.

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Basic Abilities

  • Healing Beam (Q): Heal a single ally every half second for as long as they remain near you. Pressing Q allows you to reselect your target, or you can cancel the channeling by activating your trait. There is no cooldown on this ability.
  • Safeguard (W): Reduce the damage the targeted ally takes for three seconds.
  • Displacement Grenade (E): Throw out a grenade that explodes as soon as it comes into contact with an enemy, dealing damage and knocking nearby enemies back.


  • Medivac Dropship (R): Select a spot to travel to, causing you to enter a dropship. Teammates can then join you, and after four seconds, you'll travel to the chosen area.
  • Stim Drone (R): Select an ally to receive a 75 percent increase in attack speed and 25 percent additional movement speed for ten seconds.


  • Caduceus Reactor: After going four seconds without taking damage, regenerate 3 percent of your max health every second.

The trait, in particular, makes Morales especially intriguing, as she could prove to be a very frustrating opponent if teams aren't able to kill her during encounters. The Medivac Dropship may also end up being invaluable, which is likely the reason for the four-second waiting period.

Lt. Morales is available beginning today on Heroes of the Storm's public test servers, meaning she should be available in the live game soon. When she is made available, you'll be able to make her look like Samus.

Blizzard recently added Rexxar, HotS' first ranged Warrior character. We also know of another StarCraft character on the way, Artanis.

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