Heroes of the Storm's New Character Controlled By Two Players at Once

Meet Cho'gall.


Today during the BlizzCon 2015 opening ceremony, Blizzard announced new content for Heroes of the Storm, including a first-of-its-kind character that is controlled by two players...at the same time.

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Called Cho'gall, the two-headed character is the Chieftan of the Twlight's Hammer clan.

"Armed with Cho's might, Gall's intellect, and the Hammer of Twilight, the two brothers now seek to continue their mad quest for power in the Nexus . . . provided that they can halt their incessant squabbling," reads the character's official description.

Cho'gall is the first Heroes of the Storm character that is controlled by two players at once. Blizzard described him as a mighty brawler, but players will need to work together to have success with him.

The other new characters are listed below.

  • Lunara -- ranged assassin
  • Greymane -- melee warrior

In addition, Blizzard announced a new Heroes of the Storm map called Towers of Doom, the Cores of which cannot be destroyed by player characters. Instead, teams fight to activate "Altars" that pop up. Do that and your team's Bell Towers will fire on the opposing Core to take it out.

Finally, Blizzard announced a new mode for Heroes of the Storm called Arena. This mode pits two teams of five players against each other in best-of-three matches. Blizzard describes them as "fierce, close-quarter skirmishes [that] take place on an ever-evolving field of battle."

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Here's more from Blizzard's official description of the Arena.

"All who enter the Arenas must select one of three random heroes offered to them before the start of each match. Players will be able to see all the choices available to their teammates and coordinate on these Hero picks," it said. "Once players enter the Arena, they'll choose their Heroic Abilities and ride directly into battle to capture Temples or topple Garden Terrors on their quest to destroy the opposing Core. Once a Core has been obliterated to end the round--and each round lasting only a few minutes--all Heroes will be transported to a new Arena, and the next battle will begin.

"The first team to raze two Cores will achieve victory, earning the adoration of the Nexus denizens watching from the stands. With no limit to the number of times a Hero can appear on each team's roster, every Arena match is all but guaranteed to result in epic brawls unlike any encountered before."

More details about all the new content coming to Heroes of the Storm are available on the game's website, though a release date for the content has not been announced. You can also click through the images in the gallery above to get a closer look at the new characters and more.

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