Heroes of the Storm Video Shows Off New Warcraft, Diablo Characters

Get a peek at Gul'dan and Auriel.


A newly released Heroes of the Storm video shows off new content on the way to Blizzard's MOBA, providing us with our first look at its next two characters.

Warcraft and Diablo each have one character featured in the video. The preview of each is brief, but it provides some idea of what to expect from them. Warcraft's new addition is Gul'dan, who appears to be able to Fear characters in a small area. Diablo's character is Auriel, who shoots out an attack in a straight line that knocks back and stuns enemy characters (perhaps only when they hit a wall, similar to Diablo's charge).

As for new skins, additional ones for Gul'dan and Auriel are shown off, as are some for existing characters. Li Ming's Striker skin dresses her up to look like a volleyball player, complete with new ability effects. Others include Mystic Kingdoms Arthas and Spellbreaker Johanna, making the Diablo III character look like a Blood Elf from Warcraft.

Lastly, we get a peek at some new mounts, like a red-skinned horse, robotic wolf, and fiery versions of the horse and battle beast.

These videos typically aren't released far in advance of the content featured in them, so we should be seeing all of this in the coming months. More details on the new characters, in particular, should be shared soon.

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