Heroes of the Storm Video Shows New Characters, Fantastic Gingerbread Man Skin

Holiday-themed skins are on the way for Lunara and Nazeebo.


Following some announcements at BlizzCon last week, Blizzard has released the latest "in-development" trailer showing off content on the way to Heroes of the Storm.

Most significantly, the video offers a look at each ability for the next two characters on the way, Varian and Ragnaros. They each appear to be fairly complex in their own ways, which is no surprise: Varian is the first character who can switch between two classes, while Ragnaros can take over the location of a fortress (whether or not it's still standing), turning him into a giant. Blizzard has described this as essentially turning him into a raid boss in that lane, and it looks as cool as you'd expect.

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We also get a glimpse of some alternative skins for both characters (and their color variations), as well as some new ones for existing heroes. Marauder Muradin looks excellent, as does the holiday-themed Winter Veil Lunara, which gives her the look of a Christmas tree.

But for my money, the best of the bunch is Gingerbread Nazeebo, who has a gingerbread-man mask on his face and a snowman head in his hand. Like the Lunara and Muradin skins, this one has themed abilities; Zombie Wall, for instance, surrounds enemies with a group of creepy gingerbread men.

Finally, some new mounts are on display in the video, including a floating snowflake that will presumably be tied to a holiday event or bundle.

There's no date for when this content arrives, but these videos typically show stuff coming up in the near future. You can also get an idea of what's next for HotS in the patch notes for the latest PTR update; there are nerfs to ETC and Malfurion, as well as a buff for Murky, who will get wider-ranging talent changes early next year. Also be sure to check out our interview from BlizzCon where Blizzard talks about seeing how far it can take things with new characters.

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