Heroes of the Storm Video Makes the First Overwatch Character Look Like a Menace

The highly mobile Tracer might make your head spin.


We've already heard about the abilities Tracer--the first Heroes of the Storm character from Overwatch--has at her disposal and seen glimpses of them in a teaser video. But we now have a much better look at what she's capable of thanks to new a spotlight video from Blizzard.

Our previous look at Tracer made it obvious that she's a highly mobile character, and that's really emphasized in today's video. She has the ability to dash a short distance (which she can do up to three times, provided you've saved up enough charges) and teleport back to where she was a few seconds prior. Between the two, she has the potential to devastate enemy characters, particularly those who rely on skill shots--abilities that need to be aimed. Like other recent additions, she seems to fit nicely into the category of high-skill-cap characters that Blizzard told us it wants to add more of.

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The video also demonstrates the various ways in which Tracer's Heroic ability can be customized at level 10. Unlike other characters, who have a choice of two Heroics upon reaching level 10, she starts out the match with Heroic and can choose from three talents at level 10 that adjust its behavior. Further distinguishing her Heroic from other characters', she's able to use it only once she's filled up a bar by doing damage (much like the way you do damage to get your Ultimate ability in Overwatch).

Tracer arrives in Heroes of the Storm this Tuesday, April 19, but only for those who preorder a digital copy of Overwatch through Blizzard by then. For everyone else, she'll be available for sale like a standard character on April 26.

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