Heroes of the Storm Video Features New Character Who Leaps Across the Map

StarCraft's Dehaka looks like he'll be a challenge to kill.


Blizzard today released a spotlight video for Dehaka, the newest character coming to Heroes of the Storm. He's a melee Warrior with a global presence, thanks to his ability to rapidly move across the map.

This is possible through the use of Brushstalker. In lieu of being able to ride a mount, Dehaka--a primal zerg from StarCraft--can choose to transport himself to any brush or vent on the map. That gives him a level of mobility that no other Warrior in the game shares, but it comes at the expense of being able to move around quickly when Brushstalker is on cooldown.

His other abilities center around being able to get right into the thick of combat and keep himself alive. His trait, Combat Essence, gives him a stack whenever a nearby enemy (be it a minion or player) dies. These stacks can then be used to restore health over time.

Drag allows him to latch onto an enemy and then physically pull them with him as he moves. The range is much more limited than something like Stitches' hook, but it looks to be easier to use, and you can be more precise with where your target ends up.

Burrow lets him briefly go underground and become immune to damage, potentially saving him from a big hit or providing time for teammates to show up. Dark Swarm causes enemies around him to take damage and can even be activated while underground with Burrow.

Dehaka's first Heroic ability, Isolation, slows and silences a single enemy. It also reduces their vision dramatically, and prevents them from benefiting from teammates' vision. His other Heroic, Adaptation, restores any damage taken in the few seconds after it's activated.

You can try out Dehaka now on public test servers. He's expected to be released in the live game soon, along with a huge patch Blizzard recently detailed on its website.

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