Heroes Of The Storm Patch Celebrates Lunar Festival 2017

Welcome to the Year of the Rooster.


The latest patch to Blizzard's franchise-fest MOBA Heroes of the Storm includes a celebration of the Lunar Festival 2017, including new skins, bundles, and special event quests. During the festival, players that haven't already completed the Rooster Race quest have a chance that the rooster will appear in their team's starting area. Players can collect a list of required items and return them to the rooster, advancing its position. If four items can be returned before the time runs out, players will successfully complete the rooster race. After 25 successful attempts, players will unlock the Lunar Rooster portrait, and the Lunar Rooster mount.

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New sandbox custom games are also available, including a new version of the Cursed Hollow that allows players to use "cheats" selected from a cheat menu appearing on the left side of the screen. Cheats include the ability to set the game speed, toggle minions, reset structures, set the team's level, and more.

Valeera Sanguinar is joining the hero roster, bringing a suite of shadowy rogue abilities to the field. Many of Valeera's abilities can earn Combo Points, up to three of which can be spent with her finisher, the Eviscerate ability, dealing increased damage for each Combo Point stored. She has three standard abilities, and three abilities that can only be executed while in stealth. Valeera also has a pair of heroic abilities, both designed to use as reactions to enemy attacks, reducing their effectiveness and giving her a chance to take control of the situation.

The update also includes new hero, ability, and talent art; shop bundles, mounts, skins, UI updates, and a huge list of changes to existing heroes. Check out the full list over at battle.net.

Heroes of the Storm isn't the only Blizzard game celebrating the Year of the Rooster, check out our full list of confirmed Lunar Celebration details in Overwatch.

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