Heroes of the Storm Introducing a New, Much Different Sort of Map

One lane, no special objectives, no hearthstone back to base, and no quick health/mana regeneration in the spawn area.


One of the ways Heroes of the Storm distinguishes itself from other MOBAs is with its map objectives. The newest map coming to the game does away with those objectives and pushes all players into a single lane, as opposed to two or three. However, this isn't an experience you'll come across in the standard matchmaking modes.

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Lost Cavern, as the new map is called, "creates a slimmed-down play area in order to remain laser-focused on one constant, single-lane teamfight," according to Blizzard. Besides throwing everyone together into a smaller area, team fights are sure to always be happening. That's because there is no way to hearthstone back to the spawn area, and you'll no longer rapidly regenerate health and mana while there. That means there's little reason to ever leave the fight.

Additionally, Blizzard says "Regeneration Orb spawns and brush, meanwhile, have been strategically placed around the lane to keep the fights active and interesting."

Unlike other maps, Lost Cavern won't be playable in Quick Match or other standard game modes. Instead, it'll only be available through Custom Games. That makes it somewhat less accessible, as your only way of starting up a match is to create one and invite friends directly or send invites through the in-game chat. If you haven't tried to do the latter before, Blizzard outlines the steps for doing so:

  • Create your Custom Lobby on Lost Cavern.
  • Open the Chat channel where you want to link your game.
  • Type /lobbylink Description
  • Press Enter to send the message
  • Players can now simply click your link and will be automatically placed into your Custom Game Lobby.

Lost Cavern arrives in Heroes of the Storm with the launch of its next patch.

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